This is MY fangame. DON'T adding new partners/characters, BUT new places! thank you!



Boxart of Paper Bleck

Paper Bleck is an RPG game for the Wii, starring Count Bleck with Tippi, to find the Obvisious Amulet, so he can give it to children in Africa, so they can go to school. But Dimentio wants the Amulet too, so he can destroy the world! Shall he find the amulet to save the world AND the Children?


These characters can you play as.


Bleck finds a partner per chapter. They will join the party.


This game has 3 controller modes:

  1. Use the Wii Remote. It must 90° to left.
  2. Use the Classic Controller
  3. Use the Wii Remote AND the Nunchuck.
  4. Use the Gamecube controler

Also, in the first and second PM's, if you battle an enemy, the battle starts on an set.


Paper Bleck has also minigames:


2-4 players can play Paper Bleck (unlocked after creating 2 files). It has 3 modes:

  • Battle (Already) - Battle with On-yourself mode or Tag-team mode
  • Minigames (Unlocked after have one minigame) - The one who at last remains or at first reach or complete, won.
  • Co-op (Unlocked after completing a file) - Starts an new game, but 2 players can now play the adventure.