A Pansora.

Pansoras are roasted, lightning versions of Pansers appearing first in New Super Mario Bros. Omega. They erupt four thunder balls every five seconds.

Game Appearances


A Pansunder

Omega Roast

As said above, Pansoras appear in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, most of the time in mountain levels. Yellow-petaled ones just roam free, while Purple ones patrol one area. Pink ones follow Mario when approached.

Thunder SMWWii

Pansoras appear as well in Super Mario World: Wii, but they're renamed Pansunders. Pansunders have a grey body and a lightning logo. Yellow ones just roam around freely, while Orange ones patroll a certain area. And Pale-Yellow ones follow Mario when he's close



  • Pansora's name comes from Pandora, a girl in Greek mythology who caused to release many problems in the world by opening a box, and Pansy.
  • Pansunder's name is derived from Pansy and thunder.
  • Pink-petaled Pansoras may be a reference to the original blue-petaled Panser in Super Mario Bros. 2, whose petals was colored pink in the NES version, just like any blue enemy.

NSMBWii Luigi


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