Pansear Dream

Pansear, a shopkeeper.

The Pan Brothers are characters in the Darmanitan Slam series. They sell useful items to Darmanitan and his friend Darumaka in exchange for Berry Coins on their adventures. The items they sell are Life Balloons, Invincibility Juice, and Sitrus Berries.

Pansage is the oldest of the brothers, Pansear is the second oldest, and Panpour is the youngest.




Pansear is mostly cheerful. He will get overexcited when Darmanitan buys lots of things, but will get worried that he will run out of stock when Darmanitan buys too many things.


Powers and Abilities

None of the brothers have any known special powers or abilities. In Darmanitan Slam 3D: CityLife, they are shown to have superb athleticism and agility.

Game Appearances

  • Darmanitan Slam — Their first appearance. They will sell items to Darmanitan and Darumaka in exchange for Berry Coins.
  • Darmanitan Slam 2 — Their role in this game is exactly the same as the first game.
  • Darmanitan Slam Party --- Their role is similar, however they are slowly becoming playable.



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