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Palm Pikmin
A Palm Pikmin
Immunity Extreme Heat
Class Pikmin
Element(s) Wind
Ability/ies Blowing back enemies, keeping Pikmin cool

Palm Pikmin are a special kind of Pikmin. They have giant palm leaves as their bud instead of a traditional leaf or flower, which allows them to block back opponents with powerful winds and keep Pikmin cool in hot arid environments.


They appear similar to the usual Pikmin but have green skin and a brown stem that leads into a collection of palm leaves. They grow more palm leaves the longer they are alive, allowing them to maximize their power. They can grow up to five palm leaves overall.


Palm Pikmin use their palm leaves to blow back opponents using powerful wind gusts, which can be used to corner opponents into a wall where the Captain then can wail on them with their other Pikmin. They can also shade and cool down other Pikmin with their palm leaves.

They have a carrying weight of 3, which is unusual compared to the normal limit of 1. However, to balance this, they have lower health.


A Palm Pikmin can be obtained like any other Pikmin in sandy enviroments, where they are planted into the ground. They can also be obtained by throwing Pikmin into Tropical Lime Candypop Buds, which wither after converting five Pikmin.