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The PalmMan series is a series starring PalmMan. The main villain is MineMan.





Game-Exclusive Characters


The main story idea is about a scientist creating three robots - MineMan, DragonMan, and PalmMan. The story goes from PalmMan after founding a city. He meets DragonMan who traveled to the city (4.5). DragonMan, although not as strong, knows more about their past than PalmMan. DragonMan explains that PalmMan, DragonMan, and MineMan were created as robots to make a greater good, but a power surge caused the three to escape. PalmMan was intended to preserve the environment, DragonMan was intended to help the military, and MineMan was intended to show where the best mines were to prevent minders from attacking the earth searching for them. MineMan's brain, however, was corrupt, and turned evil. MineMan obtained the smarts to build an army of four robots: Magma Man, Splash Woman, Galaxy Man, and Shadow Man (who eventually rebels later on). As well as that happening, PalmMan gained DragonMan's power, and DragonMan was left to develop on his own. After the explanation, PalmMan eventually begins to understand, and take DragonMan in as an apprentice. However, MineMan comes to 4.5 and takes DragonMan in hopes of getting a fifth robot (he wanted to erase DragonMan's mind and rebuild it). PalmMan went to save him, and that started the adventure.


Original Series

(In Chronological order)

New PalmMan

(Chronological order)


  • PalmMan Online



  • PalmMan V.S. DragonMan was the last game made.
  • The series was canceled in 2010. It was replaced with the Ability series.
  • The series originated as a game called Coconut Adventures that was based off of the MegaMan Battle Network games. This was changed to PalmMan: Coconut Adventures and later PalmMan Battle Network; however, the entire game was canceled.
  • There was going to be a follow-up of this called PalmMan Star Force. This was dropped too.
  • There was going to be a series of stories & adaptions of games and adventures respectively, but this was dropped.
  • MineMan has made many appearances in other games, as have PalmMan and DragonMan.
  • MineMan's Robots are actually bosses from the canon Mega Man series.
  • A running gag in the series is Magma Man being a boss at a place called Alpha Road.
  • There was an entirely new story arc planned for DragonMan, but upon cancellation of the series, the concept was dropped.
  • The "New PalmMan" arc was originally three games longer.
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