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Pak E. Derm
Species Elephant
Health unlimited
Power Invisible wall
First appearance YoshiSymbol.png Yoshi's Story, Nintendo 64, 1997
Latest appearance SmashBrosSymbol.png Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Switch, 2018 (cameo)

Pak E. Derm is an enemy that, so far, has only been found in Yoshi's Story. In that game, he blocked Yoshi by holding up a stop sign. While Yoshi could not defeat him by any means, Yoshi could Ground Pound in front of Pak E. Derm to flip him over and make him drop his sign, allowing Yoshi to progress.

Pak E. Derm also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Mêlée, on the stage "Yoshi's Story", but only in the background.

Fanon appearances

Super Smash Stadium

Since the 2001-2015 incarnation of Yoshi's Island 1 is pretty much Yoshi's Story from Mêlée, Pak E. Derm appears here in the same role he performs on that stage. Despite the stage having been restored to its original incarnation in 2015 (the "Super Happy Tree" stage from Smash 64), Pak E. Derm still appears as a background element.