Paintverse is a series of games created by CSketch. These games take place in the fantasy world of Paintverse (where the name comes from).


The main plot of the Paintverse franchise revolves around a young human known as "Sketch" being plunged into the alien world of Paintverse, more specifically, the planet of Artizz, and having to wield an ancient weapon in order to fend off the demon race, which once ruled Paintverse but was overthrown by the people of Artizz and sealed off in a dark realm in the depths of Paintverse until they managed to find a way to break out and get revenge.

While most of the games and media deal with Sketch and his friends dealing with the demon menace and trying to mantain peace in Artizz in general, there are also times where the series instead focuses on the past, more specifically Sketch's connection with Paintverse through her great grandmother which seems to have a connection to Paintverse and spirits somehow.

Main Games

The main series takes place in Paintverse's present and focus on Sketch, one of the series' protagonists and his adventures as the third in a legacy of heroes that have protected Paintverse for years.

The main games in the series are:

  • Paintverse - Psychal Pentimento  - The first in the series, setting the stage for future entries and introducing the world of Paintverse.
  • Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm - The second in the series, working with a big overworld and new RPG-style mechanics, as well as more combos to develop the combat system. The story is about Spightmare's right-hand man trying to resurrect him, but it also includes some side-arcs in the way that help flesh out the lore.
  • Paintverse - Abstract Heart - The third in the series develops the game further with a time-and-space mechanic that allows the player to travel to even more areas than before. The game also develops more on the platforming and exploration aspect. The story this time around revolves around a rift slowly engulfing the Paintverse.
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