New Pacificard
Prototype Pacificard template.
Name Pacificards
Collection Type Cards
Amount of Figures 15
Franchise Various (Illusion Works)
Pacifico Titles
First Usage Radioactive Remastered
First Wave's Release Date
Early 2015.

Pacificards are a collection of cards which can be used through Pacifico systems and respective software. Similar to that of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions, or amiibo, the player can collect cards through buying packets of them, which they can then use in different software produced by Illusion Works to unlock various new content within the title. 

Pacificards are used directly with the Pacifico controller. You can place it anywhere on the interface and the scanner on the controller will import the content intended for the title that you're playing straight to the game. On the Pacifico, there is also a Pacificard Library where you can view all of your Pacificards in a collection-like exhibition, and it will also show you which Pacificards you need to complete different sets. Completing sets of Pacificards can also win you rewards, such as new content for different games, free DLC, and in rare cases even entire video games or television shows.



Supported Software

Existing Pacificards






  • This is the first time Solarrion (tbc) has created a toy line up similar to that of amiibo.
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