North American boxart of Pac-Man World
Developer(s) Various, Namco
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action-Adventure Platformer
Series Pac-Man World
Predecessor Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Story mode, Multiplayer
Media Included Wii U Disk

Pac-Man Universe is an action-adventure 3D platformer video game developed by a joint collaboration between Namco and Nintendo, and published by Nintendo for the Wii U console on July 5, 2014. It is considered seperate from the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures series and instead features the main 3D design introduced in Pac-Man World. It has similar gameplay and story design to that game.

This game has much more of a focus on exploration than the Pac-Man World series or even the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures game, despite its linear gameplay style, and features many alternate paths and optional challenges disperced throughout the levels. In fact, one of the main points of the game is that you can choose your own path through the levels, opening up many new opportunities not possible before. However, the world mapis still linear.


Pac-Man Universe is a 3D platformer which controls similarly to Pac-Man world. Pac-Man can jump, run, and perform other actions in a 3D environment, while exploring. The main goal is to explore levels and find the required number of Paclings in order to exit, although collecting more than the required, while optional, will unlock things later. In order to do that, Pac-Man must explore the levels with his abilities and locate the Paclings, dodging enemies and completing puzzles.




Name Description Rarity
Pac-Dots These Pellets are scattered everywhere throughout the level. They are used for lots of things; they can be used to power special moves, or 100 can be collected and kept till the end of the level for a special Pac-Token. Very common; usually 200 or more in a level.
Fruit Refills health and gives points. Depends on the fruit; the more health they give, the less common they are.
Pac-Token The amount you collect in each level is remembered, and the overall amount is used to unlock special prizes like minigames. 5 per level; the last is unlocked by having 100 or more Pac-Dots at the end of the stage.

Power Pellets

There are a variety of Power Pellets, which Pac-Man eat to gain a certain ability. Every Power Pellet is filled with an item symbol, identifying its power.

Name Description
Power Pellet With this pellet, you can unleash a powerful wave that makes the ghosts blue, confusing them. You're able to eat them in confused state.
Punching-Pellet His orange gloves turn red, letting him climb tiles, do a jab consisting of two punches followed by a kick and carry certain objects, such as Fire Hydrants.
Steel Pellet Allows Pac-Man to withstand extreme heat and sink to the bottom of water.
Shrink Pellet Causes Pac-Man to be unusually small for about 5 seconds, allowing him to fit into small holes.

Namco Pellets

These Pellets are special for two reasons: for one, they can only be used after Pac-Man collects 3 Galactian Tokens in a level, after which they can be collected over and over against from the same spot, and for two, they are all based off of existing Namco game.

Name Description
Dig-Dug Pellet Allows you to dig through special colored ground.
Galaga-Pellet Allows you to stand on special pads and jump at light speed to another location, usually across large chasms.
Mappy-Pellet Allows you to open special doors in the area, accessing new locations.


  • Ghosts: Main enemies of the game. They are immune to most attacks, but are valurnable to Pac-Man's touch itself when he ingests a Power Pellet, although this effect is only temporary. They can also be damaged from a single hit of any Pac Pellet attack.
    • Miner Ghost: A ghost from the mines. He can mine suddenly out of the ground to ambush Pac-Man. Does extra damage thanks to his pick as well. However, he is slower than the regular Ghost.
  • Pooka: Enemies that come in many different sizes, but deflate with each hit. At their smallest size, they explode, damaging nearby enemies. This is the opposite of Dig-Dig, their debut game, where they grew with size each hit.




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