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Pac-Man: The Final Labyrinth
PacMan FL Logo2 Lineless.png
Franchise Pac-Man
Platform TBA
Genre Action Adventure
Developer PlayRight Games
A licensed platform game based on the Pac-Man franchise.

Pac-Man: The Final Labyrinth is an action adventure title, which draws significant inspiration from the original Pac-Man arcade games. In this title, the Pac-People are tasked with descending the labyrinthine pit on his world, designed to stall the advances of evil beings from escaping a paranormal rift at the bottom. When seven far more powerful beings turn the tide against them, they must team up with six other races from alternate universes, using their unique abilities and the Power Pellets to win the day.


The dungeon is a well known landmark of Pac-Man's world, with quests being carried out every century to clear out the monsters within, harvest treasure and Power Pellets, and reseal the portal to the Dark Zone. After one such raid, they find a stranger on the bottom floor, Rom-Woman.

She explains that the portal does not actually lead to the Dark Zone directly, but to a hub connecting seven different worlds. When their world was overrun by the forces of one of the Vicious Vices, her small party of adventurers was lost in the Dark Zone. There she learned that similar attacks where to be launched against the other worlds, and some had already been taken. She escaped into Pac-Man's world to seek assistance defeating the Vices and whatever power is leading them. Pac-Man decides to help and ventures back into the maze to head off the approaching forces of the first Vice, AppleJack.

After defeating the ghosts and AppleJack, they pair travel through the hub into her home world, but find the lowest floors to heavily guarded to enter. They escape using an emergency device to retreat to the first floor. Rom decides that it is too dangerous to go through the portal to the hub, instead modifying the device to transport them directly to the top of a random dungeon, essentially allowing them to jump between the worlds. They then clear the Dungeon of Passion and defeat Twin Heart.

Using their new device, the pair are led by chance to the world of the Aurbanks. Much of their societies wealth has been stolen by the Vices, and they enlist the help of the duo in clearing it. Aur-Man is assigned to go in and assist them, in return for any treasure they encounter. The three succeed in clearing the dungeon of Fortune and defeating OctoGold, restoring the fortunes of the Aurbank people.

They next go to the world of the Ferhydes, who rely on the dungeon's power pellets to suppress their violent instincts. Fer-Man gladly accepts the opportunity to blow off steam on the monsters of the dungeons, and helps them defeat LeoGeo. With the people sated for now, Fer-Man travels with the group to the next world.

The land ruled by the Aristar people has fallen into disrepair as the Vice DivaKnight has overwhelmed the remaining warriors. The last one, Ari-Woman, accepts their help to retake their land and clear the dungeon. They learn from the broadcasts within and from DivaKnight herself that their leader is RingWraith, a shadowy being who created the vices to finally escape the labyrinths and take over all seven realms. They defeat her and proceed to the next realm.

The land of the Slumbores appear to be perfectly peaceful, but is also under the complete control of the dungeon monsters. Once used as cheap labor, they became too much too handle after the Vice PilloWool attacked. Slu-Man is eager to help in order to regain their source of labor - the six then overcome the dungeon's illusions to defeat PilloWool.

The last world is inhabited by the Jadiveyes, and is on the edge of defeat from the Vice SlipFang. Jad-Woman joins the group to storm the heavily fortified dungeon and defeat SlipFang. Once done, the seven enter the hub leading to the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone itself reflects the weaknesses of the seven heroes and forces them to overcome them before advancing. At the bottom of the last dungeon, they engage RingWraith himself. After his halo is shattered, he reveals his true form, Black Death, in a final attempt to defeat the group. This attempt fails, and he plummets into the endless abyss. As he falls he uses the last of his power to create an infinite dungeon to ensure the seven worlds have no rest.

With the immediate threat removed, the victorious heroes leave the Dark Zone and return to their worlds, in order to rebuild their defenses and prepare for the future of the labyrinths.


The Final Labyrinth is a dungeon-crawler action game, with some elements taken directly from the original Pac-Man titles. In the standard story mode, the player is tasked with descending through seven labyrinthine towers, each with 100 floors. Each floor contains various enemies to defeat and items to collect; in order to open the door to the next floor, 100 common pellets must be collected. The player will also need to contend with various monsters that will impede their progress. Defeating monsters will cause them to drop pellets as well, making it easier to get the 100 needed, although in some cases defeating enemies will be required to get enough.

Power Pellets also play a major role in the game. Rather than being instant power-ups, Power Pellets are stored when collected, and can be used at any time to perform each player's unique Vice Technique. Up to 5 can be carried at any time. If the player already has five Power Pellets, extra ones will become Golden Pellets, which grant invincibility for a limited time once collected.

One out of every five floors contains a hidden treasure chest that contains one of five unique treasure. Each labyrinth has five treasures that match their theme - each treasure grants a substantial score bonus, while collecting five of a kind allows the player to level up. Upon a level up, the player can choose to increase their max health, increase the maximum number of Power Pellets they can carry, or increase the duration of special weapons. These bonuses do not carry over to the next labyrinth, but will remain should the player die within a specific labyrinth.

Every 25th floor will contain a save beacon, which can be activated with a Power Pellet. If the player dies later on, they can start the labyrinth at the lowest active beacon. These are also the only rooms where the playable character can be changed, although the beacon does not have to be active to do this.

There is a midboss battle on the 50th floor of each labyrinth, and a boss encounter on the 100th floor. A save beacon will appear before entering the boss room. Defeating both the midboss and boss will clear the labyrinth, allowing the player to access the next one. It will also grant the player a permanent level up - if the player has managed to collect at least one set of 5 treasures, they gain two permanent level ups, and they gain a third if all 20 treasures were found.


PacMan FL2.png
The Pacinni species are generally care-free and amiable, with a love for food and cooking. They have contained the evils within the Dungeon of Feasts for as long as they can remember. It was never that bad of a deal - the Power Pellets they could harvest within the maze not only supercharged their omnivoral abilities, they also made excellent dishes.
Pac-Man retains the same basic abilities from his first game, with his primary technique being a chomp attack. The move is fairly powerful, but does poor damage against enemies that can block or counter-attack. He can deal more damage from behind, which he can do easily with his moderate foot speed. Add in moderate defense, and Pac-Man is a good starting character with solid fundamental skills.
VP - Speed Eater: Pac-Man uses a Power Pellet, releasing a wave of energy that startles all enemies nearby, causing them to drop their defenses. While powered-up, his attack power and speed rise drastically, and he becomes temporarily invincible. The move prevents Pac-Man from approaching enemies without being noticed.
RomWoman FL.png
The Romavo species are almost all hopeless romantics, with their society dedicated to the concept of love. Of course, the monsters streaming from the Dungeon of Passion tended to dampen the mood, but they managed to hold them back with their ability to manipulate emotions. The Romavo species was one of the last to be attacked by the 7 Deadly Sins, prompting Rom-Woman to seek help from abroad.
Rom-Woman can use the Heart Shot to deal slight damage to enemies from a distance, which also lowers their aggressiveness if they don't notice her. Her primary strength is the Soul Link, which allows her to make one enemy fight for her. This ability causes the enemy to constantly self-damage and lowers their power, and does not work on non-biological enemies. She has low power and defense overall, but is fairly fast and quiet.
VP - Love Spell: Rom-Woman uses a Power Pellet to attract all enemies towards her position. When enemies get close, they fall under her control and begin attacking each other. While within range, enemies also take more damage from her Heart Shot. The move will attract all enemies, but non-biological foes will not be controlled.
AurMan FL.png
The Aurbank species are enthusiastic entrepreneurs, focused on the bottom line. They see the Dungeon of Fortune as an immense opportunity, filled with treasures and wealth, as well as incredibly valuable Power Pellets. With their expensive technologies, the monsters within were a minor inconvenience - as long as their power doesn't run out.
Aur-Man has high power with his ranged Gold Gauntlet, and has high defense with its armor. In addition, his attack power gets stronger the more Power Pellets he has on hand. His shots get stronger the further they travel, so he is more effective at range than up close. His slow speed also makes it difficult to outrun enemies if he is vulnerable
VP - Gold Rush: Aur-Man fires a powerful ranged projectile using a Power Pellet as energy. The attack can travel through multiple enemies, and defeated enemies will always drop money. Using this ability weakens the power of his regular shots, and attracts any enemies within earshot.
FerMan FL.png
The Ferhyde species are known for the ill-temper, which is easily their strongest ability. Unfortunately, they are unable to control their abilities when angered; in their frequent forays into the Dungeon of Power, they often did more damage than the monsters that lived within. By harnessing the power of the Power Pellets, the Ferhydes are capable of fully controlling their latent abilities.
Fer-Man has two forms he can take. His smaller form has a swipe attack with low damage output, but is stealthy. His enraged form is tougher, and his gutter attack is much stronger with wider range. In this second form, his attacks are lengthy with high endlag, leaving him vulnerable during and after them. His transformation is involuntarily, occurring after taking damage repeatedly from enemies.
VP - Tranquil Rage: Fer-Man eats a Power Pellet, allowing him to enter his enraged form at will. He gains all the powers from his enraged forms, while at the same time retaining the control from his calm form. He also gains invincibility in this form, but is unable to move without being detected. He also cannot leave the current floor until the form expires.
AriWoman FL.png
The Aristar species are not very pleasant individuals. They are incredibly prideful and arrogant, constantly seeking attention. They cared little for the purposes of the Dungeon of Dominion, but were intrigued by the fabulous relics hidden within. Returning from such a dangerous locale with them was a high mark of prestige, and the greatest warriors often went down to participate in these competitions. It was perhaps due to this passive attitude that their land was the first to fall.
Ari-Woman has high visibility and moderate speed, but very high damage output and defense. Once she is engaged in a melee, her only option is to fight her way back out. Her basic attack, Blade of Might, deals fast damage with decent melee range, and becomes stronger the more enemies are currently targeting her. After being struck, she won't be able to attack for a few seconds, even once her invincibility frames wear off.
VP - Prime Time: Ari-Woman absorbs the energy of all her Power Pellets into her sword, creating an aura of blazing light around her. The light attracts all enemies in the maze, but Ari-Woman's sword deals far greater damage to enemies that enter her aura. The effect lasts for an indefinite time period, even being able to transfer between floors, but ends if she is struck by an attack. Enemies with ranged projectiles will attack from afar, rather than enter the spotlight.
SluMan FL.png
The Slumbore species are incredibly lazy, to the point that their entire society was crumbling before the first attack from the Dungeon of Rest. Ironically, the incident ended up saving their civilization, since they could possess the monsters with their psychic abilities and put them to work instead. They were also tasked with mining Power Pellets from the pit to power even more labor-saving machines. This obviously backfired once there were too many monsters to control.
Slu-Man has very low power and low speed, so his only method of attack is the Hypno Beam. This move allows him to take direct control of any enemy and attack enemies through them. The enemy will be slightly slower than usual, and Slu-Man cannot move until he breaks the connection. His relatively low profile makes it easy for him to hide.
VP - Dream Beam: Slu-Man absorbs the energy of a Power Pellet using his mind, then releases a hypnotic wave across the entire stage. This causes all enemies to fall asleep. Slu-Man can attack enemies individually with an empowered Hypno Beam that deals more damage. An enemy can wake up if it is not killed by the attack, or is hit by another enemy, but will move and attack sluggishly. The move lasts for one minute, and Slu-Man cannot possess enemies during this time.
JadWoman FL.png
The Jadiveye species are kleptomaniacs, taking anything that they feel entitled to. When monsters first emerged from the Dungeon of Desire, they retaliated by storming the maze and stealing whatever they pleased. There was no structured response - every individual stole treasure, weapons, or Power Pellets as they saw fit. This led to so much infighting that the flimsy resistance fell apart after a few years.
Jad-Woman has high speed and low visibility, allowing her to get around the stage easily. Her standard attack is a weak but fast Fang Pounce, which will induce enemies to pursue her. She can also lay Health Traps that drain HP from enemies and heal her. The trap doesn't trigger if she touches it, so she can easily lure enemies into it.
VP - Power Steal: Jad-Woman draws energy from the Power Pellet, dashing forward to deliver a devastating Fang Pounce. Not only is the attack stronger and faster, it also allows her to steal the attributes of her target, gaining heightened defense, speed, health, or power. While the technique can improve her stats, it can also lower them if she strikes a weak enemy. The stat change lasts for the rest of the floor, or until she uses the attack again.

Game Modes

Story Mode

Follow the story of Pac-Man and his fellow dungeon hunters, as they clear their dungeons of monsters and defeat the Vicious Vices. Characters are unlocked during play, as well as unlocking new dungeons for Arcade Mode.

Arcade Mode

Clear the 100 floors of the seven main dungeons, and try to get the highest score. Lives are unlimited, but deaths will cost time and points. The final score will be based on the number of deaths, the time elapsed, the number of items collected, and the number of enemies defeated. The player's score is saved individually for each dungeon, and their total arcade score is the sum of their best scores for each dungeon.

Endless Mode

Enter the Phantom Dungeon, and clear as many random floors as possible in this rogue-like challenge! The further down you go, the harder the floors become. Every 50th floor, face a random boss or miniboss, then save at the respawn beacon. You can only activate three beacons, and it will deactivate after a single death! Reaching the 1000th floor unlocks classic mode!

Versus Mode

Race down a dungeon against a friend in local multiplayer, and get as high a score as possible. Choose your dungeon theme and number of floors - victory is determined by time, points, fewest deaths, and number of power pellets carried to the end.

Classic Mode

Play a retro game of Pac-Man featuring the ghosts and map you know, or dive into six new boards! Pixel versions of the other playable characters are also available with new playstyles.

Boss Mode

Challenge any boss to a quick battle, or take on a gauntlet of foes - whether midbosses, dungeon bosses, or both at once! You can enter this mode with a friend as well!

Trial of the Seven

Rush through 25 of the hardest levels from each dungeon, and defeat the Vicious Vices in tougher rematches! You have no extra lives, no saves, and are on the clock! Bring a friend along and you can tag back in after boss fights if you die!


~Dungeon of Feasts~

A basic dungeon well worn by numerous quests within. Enemies aren't often found together, and consist mostly of ghosts. Food is also common in this dungeon, allowing the player to heal often.

~Dungeon of Passion~

A mechanical dungeon fashioned after an Egyptian tomb. A few death traps can be found here, but are not usually hidden. Skeletons are introduced in this dungeon, and enemies begin appearing in small groups in this level.

~Dungeon of Fortune~

A golden vault dungeon with numerous sealed off rooms with treasure. The various levels employ various elemental traps, themed around stone, plants, fire, and ice. The secret rooms are often rigged with these traps, but also hold some of the treasure boxes. Golems begin appearing in this stage, as well as Tikes, Trap Doors, and Mimicases

~Dungeon of Power~

A fiery dungeon, clearly once filled with advanced technology, but know in ruin. The dungeon's hazards come primarily from the malfunctioning machinery, spewing sparks and flame everywhere. Imps first appear in this stage.

~Dungeon of Dominion~

A dungeon containing several filming stations and makeup rooms. These have since been overrun by the monsters. The dungeon itself is a grim victorian-era graveyard, dressed up to look more festive. Zombies appear in this stage.

~Dungeon of Rest~

This dungeon takes the form of a well-furnished subterranean mansion, full of illusions. The building contains both massive rooms and cramped halls full of enemies. Some rooms will lead you in circles until certain puzzles are cleared. Orbos and Killer Piller begin appearing in this level, as well as a battle against Fakeon on floor 50.

~Dungeon of Desire~

A treacherous jungle dungeon above a toxic swamp, with statues of the playable cast and elements from other dungeons haphazardly thrown together. The levels here become harder and spawn more enemies the better the player's performance is, determined by score and the number of Power Pellets held. Fiends begin appearing in this stage.

~Dungeon of Sins~

The final dungeon, a silver labyrinth floating in a black void. This level is unique in that some floors have free switch stations on them, since certain rooms can only be cleared by a certain character. This dungeon has only one save beacon in it, just before the boss.


The dungeons contain various items to collect, from weapons and pick-ups to treasures that boost your score. Finding everything will require you to check for secret rooms and beat tough foes.

  • Pellets: Common items found within the dungeons, some of which are required to advance.
    • Common Pellets - Small white pills that are scattered across every dungeon. Each floor contains 100 of them, and they must all be found to open the door to the next floor. For this reason, pellets are not usually hidden in secret rooms, but in later dungeons they sometimes are.
    • Power Pellets - Larger spheres with a faint yellow glow. Power Pellets allow the current character to use their Vice Attack, as well as granting a score bonus for each floor cleared while holding them. They are also used to activate the Save Beacons on rest floors. Up to 5 can be collected and held at once.
    • Golden Pellets - Large, golden spheres that emanate energy. Golden Spheres only appear if the player has the maximum 5 Power Pellets stored, in which case all Power Pellets turn into Golden Pellets. Collecting one grants a large score bonus, and grants temporary invincibility as well. Golden Pellets will remain golden if a Power Pellet is used on its floor, but the ones on lower floors revert to regular Power Pellets.
    • Scarlet Pellets - Large red spheres with a heart shaped icon suspended inside. Scarlet Pellets restore the players health - they heal a set amount of energy, usually about 30% of the player's max health, but for a few seconds afterwards every Common Pellet collected will also restore some health. Using a Power Pellet within this timeframe will also heal the player, in addition to activating the usual Vice Attack.
  • Weapons: Offensive tools with limited use, usually found abandoned in hallways.
    • Sword Wheel - A pair of magic swords that whirl around the user, dealing damage to any foes that get close. Its spin radius can be briefly expanded to deal extra damage.
    • Magic Shield - A shield that hovers in front of the user. It can be switched between the front and back of the user, blocking damage until it breaks.
    • Burning Bow - Launches fiery bolts that, once lodged in an enemy or surface, will set it on fire. Has limited ammunition, and vanishes once every bow has been shot. The bow can have anywhere between 10 and 25 shots.
    • Scorpio Flail - When active, the user becomes invisible while not attacking. The flail can be used to strike foes from a distance, but will deactivate the camouflage for a while.
    • Arcane Hand - A mentally controlled pair of hands that will home in on enemies when launched. On contact, foes are punched away and take a little damage. If both hands are fired at one enemy, the foe will be grabbed and held down for a little while, taking more damage.
  • Treasures: Collectible items hidden in secret rooms. Collecting five treasures in a dungeon will grant a temporary level-up, increasing the player's stats.
    • Pac-Man's Treasures: Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon
    • Rom-Woman's Treasures: Valentine's Card, Chocolates, Flowers, Ring, Stuffed Animal
    • Aur-Man's Treasures: Paper Money, Bag of Silver, Gold Ingot, Rare Jewel, Crown
    • Fer-Man's Treasures: Sparring Dummy, Red Cape, War Claws, Blazing Sword, Dragon Armor
    • Ari-Woman's Treasures: Autograph, Mirror, Record CD, Regal Dress, Key to the City
    • Slu-Man's Treasures: Fine Wine, Lounge Chair, Classical Music, Roaring Fireplace, Glasses
    • Jad-Woman's Treasures: Hunting Net, Beast's Fang, Dark Cloak, Loot Sack, Toxic Dagger


Ghosts: The ghosts inhabiting the various dungeons are fairly weak, and are usually encountered in large numbers. The different varieties have slightly different strategies, but are still quite straightforward to defeat. Beat them quickly or leave them for last - it usually doesn't matter either way.
Blinky FL.png
Also known as Chaser, Blinky will pursue his target and attack with a fast punch when in range. He is vulnerable after missing a swing, and won't try to dodge attacks at any point. Blinky will alert nearby enemies if he isn't dealt with quickly, so make the most of every opening you get.
Also know as Ambusher, Pinky will get close to her target and circle around for a bit before dashing in to attack. She will avoid attacks as she circles, and only strike when she see's an opening. Wait for her to make the first move, then counter with your own attack. Keep in mind that, unlike the other ghosts, Pinky will never attack from behind.
Pinky FL.png
Inky FL.png
Also known as Whimsical, Inky will often appear alongside Blinky. If he is with him, he will follow along behind him and attack right afterwards. His attack is weaker, but has much longer range. He mainly makes it difficult to defeat Blinky, so take him out first. If Blinky is by chance beaten first, Inky floats around aimlessly until he finds another lone Blinky to partner with.
Also know as Pokey, Clyde tends to remain in whatever area of the map he spawns in, even ignoring the call of fellow ghosts to pursue the target. If a foe does enter his territory, he moves into action and attacks with fast, strong punches. He also has a ranged attack where he literally throws a punch at the target - this is used to counter foes attacking at range, and can pass through walls. Try to avoid engaging other enemies when nearby - Clyde is easiest to defeat on his own.
Clyde FL.png
Sue FL.png
Sue is a fast foe who scans the halls for intruders. She will raise the alarm when she finds one, while throwing weak ranged attacks. She tends to keep her distance, but has low defense. If possible, try to defeat her before she spots you; if she does succeed in raising the alarm, it is usually best to handle the enemies she attracts first due to her low damage output.
Skeletons: These undead warriors appear early in the game, sporting higher agility and defense than ghosts. Skeletons are notable for the various weapons that they wield; disarming them makes them much easier to deal with, so always look for an opportunity to counter their attacks.
Bone Knuckle.png
Bone Boxer
The Bone Boxer possesses average strength and speed. As his name implies, he attacks with fast punches at close range. Boxer's have no particular strengths, but since they lack a weapon they also have no inherent weaknesses. Still, their attack pattern can trip up careless assailants and make avoiding more dangerous foes a challenge. Keep in mind that all skeletons revert to Boxers of varying strength when disarmed.
The Bone Blade wields a large sword, and is garbed in light armor. Blades are generally stronger and more intelligent than Boxers, while remaining quite agile in combat. They can use their swords to execute a wide-range attack that is difficult to interrupt, but if it strikes a rock or obstacle the blade will become stuck; attack then to disarm the enemy. Disarmed Bone Blades are slightly tougher and stronger than their standard Boxer counterparts.
Bone Edge.png
Bone Blade
Bone Buckler.png
Bone Buckler
The Bone Buckler carries a large shield wherever it goes, protecting itself from head-on assault. While the skeleton has no direct attacks, the shield itself is sentient, and will attempt to counter attacks directed at it with energy blasts. While this makes breaking the Buckler's defense a challenge, the counter attack also exposes the shield's eye, which can be attacked to quickly break it. Since they are so slow, it is usually best to lead faster opponents away from the Buckler, and deal with him later. Disarmed Bone Bucklers are much tougher and slower than standard Boxers.
The Bone Bowman is armed with a bow, and specializes in ranged combat. This skeleton sacrifices the little armor it typically wears for incredible speed and agility. While tough to catch, Bowmen can be easily disarmed by striking them with a few strong hits. If a Buckler is nearby, they will hide behind the shield and snipe their foe from cover - in this case, it is important to defeat the Buckler quickly and get rid of the Bowman. Disarmed Bone Bowmen are much faster than Boxers, but too weak and fragile to really pose a threat.
Bone Bowman.png
Bone Bowman
Bone Basher.png
Bone Basher
The Bone Basher wields a massive war-hammer, and specializes in close-quarters combat. While only slightly faster than the Buckler, Bashers have a much stronger attack that easily knocks foes around. Its primary attack is a powerful horizontal swipe - it can be interrupted during the windup to disarm it, but doing so requires dealing several strong hits. If a foe tries to stay just outside its range, it will counter with a fast and devastating leaping strike, so attack from either close or long range, not in-between. Disarmed Bashers are faster, stronger, and tougher than Boxers, so it may be advantageous to not disarm them.
Golems: Golems are monolithic foes forged from the elements. Golems may be slow, but they pack a punch and take a while to put down. Fortunately, Golems are also not very aggressive, moving into action only when provoked. If you notice one, avoid drawing its attention until other enemies have been thinned out - otherwise, evade its attacks and try to fight around it. It may also be possible to wait for them to deactivate once more.
Stone Golem FL.png
Stone Golem
The most common Golem variety is carved from stone. As one would expect, it is quite slow, but can use its club-like arms to strike hard. Fortunately its attacks take time to wind up, and it recovers very slowly from a missed attack. Stone Golems are fairly easy to deal with - it is even possible to defeat them in a crowd due to its long recovery. Stone Golems are usually found on the map inactive, only attacking once struck by a foe, so they won't be a problem if stray shots don't hit them.
This variety of Golem is carved from the remains of massive trees. Wood Golems are the fastest all around of their class, while retaining high damage output. The wind-up for its attacks can be interrupted by sufficiently powerful counters, briefly stunning it. On occasion the Golem will anchor itself to the ground with its roots, limiting it from moving but also preventing its attacks from being stopped. Tree Golems also remain inactive until hit, but can also be awoken if a enemy in the same room raises the alarm.
Wood Golem FL.png
Wood Golem
Ice Golem FL.png
Ice Golem
This variety of Golem is carved from blocks of ice and crystal. Ice Golems are just as strong as Stone Golems, but can be struck down during its windup by repeated attacks. Each time it falls its defense weakens, but it also becomes faster. The Ice Golem also has a sliding attack that moves very fast, although it can lead to it ramming walls, other enemies, or falling off the stage. Ice Golems will ignore weak attacks that hit them while inactive, so they can be chipped away at by patient assailants, but if a foe enters their immediate vicinity they will awaken.
This variety of Golem is composed by a molten mixture of stone, metal, and lava. Magma Golems moves slightly slower than Wood Golems, but attacks significantly faster. It attacks with its large metal blades, creating fiery explosions where they strike the ground. It will explode into a fiery burst upon defeat that will damage friends and foes alike. The Magma Golem is very aggressive, responding to enemy alarms quickly and awakening if any combat takes place near it.
Magma Golem.png
Magma Golem
Metal Golem.png
Mecha Golem
This variety of Golem is built from powerful, lightweight metal. Mecha Golems move and attack surprisingly fast, and can change direction on a dime. It also possesses the most ranged attacks, launching electric waves along the ground or firing laser beams. It is also very resilient, and cannot be interrupted during an attack. They will take self damage if lured into wet environments, but otherwise the only option is to challenge them head on. Mecha Golems will activate if an alarm is raised nearby, or if an enemy draws near, but unlike other golems it will not return to its slumber if left unattended.
Zombies: These undead beings may be fragile, but they are fast and unpredictable with their attacks. Zombies will drop to the ground after taking some damage, but will revive themselves unless their prone bodies are destroyed. If in a tough situation, try targeting the zombies first, then use the time they are prone to clear out other enemies.
A regular zombie, attacking with just its bare hands. These foes can slash down foes quickly with their claws, but are not very accurate - dodging them is tough given their seemingly random movements. They are not very intelligent however, and will make no attempt to evade attacks, avoid traps, or remove elemental effects such as fire or poison.
A zombie with the flesh stripped from its chest, leaving its ribcage exposed. They are extremely weak, shattering from even one solid hit, but are far faster than Zomnoms. They like jumping a little more as well, and can latch onto their target; shaking them off is usually enough to beat them.
Chester FL.png
A zombie that has lost its arms. It has a better jump, and fast, accurate aerial attacks, but can be tripped over on the ground. Mandy usually tries to keep a fair distance before dashing in close, but will relentlessly pursue a foe that tries to escape - it is much easier to trip up Mandy if they are in pursuit.
A zombie with missing legs, leaving them largely immobile. They only method of movement they have is to slide along slowly using their hands. If a foe does get close, it will slash at them relentlessly, dealing immense damage. This attack is difficult to block and cannot be punished up close, so steer clear and defeat with projectiles whenever possible.
Solomon FL.png
A zombie missing its head. Hedrick is both tough and unpredictable - they wander around aimlessly until hit, then dash erratically in the direction of the attack flailing their arms. They will instantly retaliate against melee attacks, and rush down opponents attacking from a distance. Fortunately, they are unable to distinguish between enemies and allies, so if a foe strikes them, Mandy will attack them as well.
Imp: Imps are small, infernal footmen that always appear in large groups. Imps are fairly strong and fast, but without a leader they lack strategy in battle. Imp groups are usually led by a stronger Imp leader - defeating the leader has different effects depending on the leader in question.
Imp Drone.png
Imp Drone
A small minion under the command of a superior. Drones are versatile, with their attacks being determined entirely by their current leader. If the leader is beaten, they will rush around aimlessly until they encounter another leader. Avoid defeating a leader if another Imp army is nearby, otherwise the other army will absorb the first one to become twice as strong.
One of the four Imp commanders. The Ringmaster organizes the Drones into rings around itself, and moves slowly around the battlefield. The Drones in the ring will attack any foe they encounter, and attempt to fill gaps by closing the ring. The Imps will scatter in every direction without orders, so try to thin their ranks before going for the leader.
Imp Ringmaster.png
Imp Ringmaster
Imp General.png
Imp General
One of the four Imp Commanders. The General orders the Drones into columns on each side of itself, sending them out in waves. The Imps sent out this way are much more aggressive and receive a power boost. If an attack is unsuccessful, any remaining Drones will retreat to the back of the line and get healed up. If multiple Generals are close to each other, they will synchronize their attacks, and defeating one will cause the Imps to automatically join the other. Attack from the sides if possible, as the General has a harder time moving troops sideways.
One of the four Imp Commanders. The Captain forms Drones into a diamond around itself, and pilots the group like a ship. It will attempt to pull alongside its target, where the Drones on the side will launch fireballs at the target. The Captain keeps its army small so it can maneuver quickly, so focus on defeating him first and then pick off the Drones.
Imp Captain.png
Imp Captain
Imp Bomber.png
Imp Bomber
One of the four Imp Commanders. The Bomber orders the Drones into a small tower behind itself, and leads them out itself. It will hurl Drones directly at its target, where they will pursue until they score a hit. The Drones will not scatter immediately if the Bomber is defeated, rather all the Drones will disengage and attack the target at once. Avoid attacking the Bomber or its tower, instead picking off the Drones as they are launched to attack.
Fiend: Fiends are easily the smartest foes within the dungeons, capable of emulating the abilities of the playable cast, and adapt to the current opponent. It is rare for a floor to contain more than one, but once encountered they are incredibly dangerous. Each one also possesses a special attack, so be wary when engaging them.
Pac Fiend.png
The Devourer
A duplicate of PacMan. The Devourer will attempt to chase down and chomp foes that get near. It will avoid assailants when attacked, but once it activates its special form it will pursue its target relentlessly, killing in only a few hits. Kill it before it powers up if possible, otherwise stay back until it is vulnerable again.
A duplicate of RomWoman. The Lurer uses a disorienting projectile that causes its victim to wander towards enemies and makes their attacks slower. Its super move lets it activate a ranged pulse that pulls foes towards it. Keep your distance to better avoid the shots and the pulse, and be careful when engaging it near other foes.
Rom Fiend.png
The Lurer
Aur Fiend.png
The Profiteer
A duplicate of AurMan. The Profiteer can fire a fast laser that not only hits hard, but also steals a power pellet from its target. This allows it to use its super, a much stronger homing shot that deals massive damage. As long as the initial lasers are avoided, it cannot use its special attack, making it much easier to defeat.
A duplicate of FerMan. The Ravager runs around in its smaller form dealing weak hits that interrupt attacks, then dashing away towards stronger foes. If hit enough, it will take on its larger super form, dashing repeatedly at its target with fiery slashes. The transformation activates based on the number of hits it takes, not the amount of damage, so deal strong hits to its weaker form to defeat it quickly.
Fer Fiend.png
The Ravager
Ari Fiend.png
The Commander
A duplicate of AriWoman. The Commander synchronizes enemy attacks, preventing them from damaging each other. If left idle for too long, it will activates its super, shrouding the area in shadow while forming a spotlight on its position, making all other enemies invisible. It tries to avoid direct confrontation, with its only attack being a quick sword swipe before backing away, so get close and dodge the attack to beat it quickly.
A duplicate of SluMan. The Dreamer remains dormant, creating a zone around itself that slows down its target and limits their vision - it can even create false readings of an enemy's HP. If in range when it activates its super, it will take control of the target and hold them in place. The foe itself never moves, so it is advised to locate and defeat it as soon as possible.
Slu Fiend.png
The Dreamer
Jad Fiend.png
The Hunter
A duplicate of JadWoman. The Hunter takes the form of a different fiend, but when approached will attack with a quick bite. If it lands the attack, it will become invisible, while emulating the attacks of the fiend corresponding to its target. While difficult to beat in this form, it will remain in its base form if it misses, leaving it vulnerable. The Hunter can be recognized in disguised form by its green eyes, so bait an attack from it and counter to beat it.
Shifter: Shifters appear during later dungeons; while they are weak, they are disguised as various objects. They are tricky foes, waiting to be activated before launching a surprise attack. The attentive dungeon crawler can easily detect and defeat them, reaping extra bonuses as well.
Mimic PM.png
A false version of a treasure box. Mimicase will jump wildly around the room if opened, alerting nearby foes and damaging the player on contact. If recognized before opening, it can be easily killed in one hit. It spills a treasure when killed in this way, but will drop two of the same treasure if killed after opening.
A false version of a dungeon door. If opened, it will suck the player into a trap room, where powerful foes must be defeated to escape. The Trap Door can be beaten before opening it, but the hidden room contains lots of treasure if cleared. Dying inside a Trap Door will cause the player to lose a treasure and be ejected from the room, with slightly less health than when they entered. The treasure can be recovered by clearing the room.
TrapDoor PM.png
Trap Door
A false version of a floor tile. When approached it rises spinning off the ground and attempts to ram its target. A single hit can break it easily, but Tike's often appear in large groups, so if one appears, be prepared to break others before they can attack. Tikes tend to be arranged in symmetrical patterns - use this to predict which tiles will attack.
A false version of pellets. What appears to be several toxic pellets are actually a single entity - when active, it will hover in a ring and throw its pieces at its target. It can not be killed directly, but will disappear once all the pellets are thrown. Killer Piller can be recognized by the unorthodox arrangements of its pellets, such as forming a skull or forming a path that leads nowhere. Attempting to collect Killer Piller's pellets will deal damage and make it attack, but it will also attack if ignored for a while.
Killer Piller PM.png
Killer Piller
A false version of the power pellet. It can be collected just like normal pellets, but attempting to use it will make it explode, damaging the user. Orbos can be detected by their slightly blue hue, as opposed to the traditional yellow. The Orbos can be broken before collecting it - it will explode shortly after being hit, damaging the player if they are too close, as well as any enemies in range. On lower floors, test power pellets before grabbing them.


A giant ghost, capable of spawning other ghosts at will. His room starts out filled with ghostly pellets arranged in the normal maze shape, and contains four small ghosts that mimic the originals. The second phase doesn't begin until all the pellets are collected. He then fills the room with glowing crystals - he is invisible in the light, so the crystals must be broken to see him. As the colored crystals are broken, ghost enemies are released to impede the player's progress. Gilghost can pass through the walls of his arena to escape attack, but has no attacks himself.
An skeletal pharaoh, buried alongside a squadron of skeletal warriors. She is summoned with a guard of Bone Knuckles, Bone Swordsmen, and Bone Bucklers. She will stay out of range and throw her rebounding sickle at the player while they attack. Once they are beaten she will switch to melee attacks with her flail, leaving her vulnerable. After she is hit a few times, she spawns Bone Bowmen and Bone Mallets, and attacks at range with skeletal hands from the ground or beams of dark fire.
Lich Queen.png
A giant monolith composed of several elemental segments. The head at the top must be destroyed to defeat Titan, but each of his segments must be broken first. Each one has few direct attacks, but upon defeat each will shatter into matching golems. Its head can launch energy spheres at the ground, which can be predicted by the glow that shines on their landing spot; he will fire more frequently the lower he gets. Once all his segments are gone, he will begin attacking with his club-like arms, but since he is quite slow it isn't a challenge to beat him at this point.
Titan Pole.png
A vampiric zombie, wielding a long spiked whip. He attacks by teleporting around the room and firing flaming bats at foes, lashing out with its fiery whip, and summoning Zomnoms. After taking enough damage, he drops the whip and instead attacks with a pair of pistols. His magic is enhanced, making his flaming bats last longer and home in. He also causes defeated Zomnoms to gradually respawn as random zombie types.
An infernal commander leading a massive army of Imp Drones. The Imperator starts the battle from afar, sending one of each Imp Commander in turn to deal with its foe. Once all four and their troops are beaten, Imperator X attacks with its own formation - a giant crowd of Drones lining the map perimeter, which it can command to surge forward along any row or column, as well as charge directly at the target. Imperator moves slowly around the battlefield with a small group of Imps. Striking out with his staff if the player draw near.
Imperator X.png
A strange liquid abomination capable of imitating the 7 fiend varieties. After taking some damage, it will revert to its blob-like form and run away for a while, spawning Septi minions to slow down the player. It will switch to a new fiend after taking more damage, while spawning clones of the previous fiends it has copied. It will take on three forms over the course of the battle, with the third one matching the player.
A false version of the save beacon that usually appears on safe floors. The boss can be ignored . if the player chooses not to save, but it will seal of the exits if a Power Pellet is inserted. Once active, the Fakeon will summon various foes, fire deadly laser beams, and turn normal floor tiles into Tikes. After taking significant damage, it creates an energy barrier that only breaks when the player is powered up by a Golden Pellet. It launches both Power Pellets and Orbos during this phase.
A magic sigil drawn upon the floor. The symbol generates mazes while charging an attack from the ground. If the sigil fully charges, the entire stage will be engulfed in radiant energy that gradually damages the player. The only way to prevent or end this attack is destroying the magic generators powering the attack. There will be two generators the first time; Each time a maze is cleared, it creates a more complicated maze with two extra generators. Once the seventh maze is cleared, which requires breaking 14 generators, the sigil is dispelled.
Mark Of Mage.png


A giant, demented apple creature, obsessed with eating and food. Once he has overthrown the first realm, he intends to lock away the Pac-Men and devour them over the ages. Fortunately, he is also prone to eat his own troops, so the heroes will have relatively little difficulty reaching him.
AppleJack attacks by slowly advancing towards the player, mouth open, attempting to bite them. After missing a few times, AppleJack jumps to the center of the map, causing four fruits to sprout at the corners of the map - every time a bite misses, the fruits will launch seed projectiles at the player. AppleJack must be tricked into eating one of the fruits; this will cause the top part of his head to fly off, and he attempts to inhale the player for a bit. Once he tires, the remaining fruits turn into Super pellets and can be launched. The following two times, he must eat two and three fruits before he will inhale.
A mechanical behemoth obsessed with understanding romance and love. TwinHeart is actually composed of two separate artificial minds working in sync. Its currently rounding up Romavos and forcing them to watch romantic films - not a terrible fate, but it must be stopped nonetheless.
The two parts separate from each other and roam the maze on the map - if one sees the player, it will briefly pursue them. Once the player gets the two to ram into each other, they will recombine, causing the maze to lower into a flat arena as they release streams of heart-shaped projectiles, along with a single large homing projectile. The heart transforms into a Super pellet once the attack ends. On the subsequent two attack phases, each half will also launch one and two sparks that roam the map randomly and must be avoided or destroyed.
OctoGold is a cunning profiteer, a visionary entrepreneur, and a complete hack. He will stop at nothing to amass as much wealth as possible, making the Aurbank vaults a prime target. The remaining Aurbanks will soon be sent to work in his mines, so it's up to the heroes to stop him.
OctoGold is battled in a pit of gold, and resides near the back of the arena. He attacks by launching waves of gold at the player. When this fails, he erects a maze of diamond in its place (that can damage the player as it rises) and spawns large gems randomly on the map. He then reaches into the gold with his arms and attempts to grab the player from beneath. The player must get him to grab the gems, locking the hand in place. Once four gems have been grabbed, he will fill them with power and shatter them, scattering shrapnel in eight directions. One of the gems forms a Super power pellet in the process, but must be carried to OctoGold's position before it can be fired. OctoGold will grab six and eight gems on the following two phases before shattering them, but the gems will fire progressively larger shrapnel in six and four directions to compensate.
LeoGeo is a vicious statue of a lion engulfed in fire. Existing in a state of continuous rage, he desires only victims to slaughter to sate his anger - the equally irate Ferhyde clan made perfect targets. He is beyond any form of bargaining - be prepared for an intense battle!
LeoGeo has five resting places, at large openings in the center and each corner of the maze - the ones on the corners have cracks of varying sizes. He launches a fireball at the player, then jumps to the opening closest to them. If the opening has large cracks on it, he will break through upon landing sink into the lava, heating up and increasing the fireballs he launches at once by one. After being dunked twice, he becomes enraged and tries to dash at the player three times, breaking any stone walls in his way. Once done dashing, he jumps into the lava on either the left or right side, creating a fire wave that can only be blocked by the remaining stone segments. He emerges dazed in the center of the arena, and the Super pellet appears in the last corner he occupied. Once hit, the maze is reset and the corners become stone again. On the following two phases, LeoGeo must be dunked three and four times; his fireball count carries over between phases (he shoots three at the start of phase 2 rather than one).
DivaKnight, despite her knightly garb, has no sense of honor or duty - she seeks only the attention and admiration of those around her. In her quest to become the most famous of all, she caught wind of the exploits of the Aristars, subduing these proud warriors seemed the perfect way to gain an audience. It's time to put an end to her show!
DivaKnight occupies a platform in the center of the arena, surrounded by four spotlights. She summons four spinning backup dancers to attack her opponent, while limiting visibility with the darkened stage. The player must connect the spotlights to the power generators at each corner of the map by dragging the wires between them. Once all the lights are on, DivaKnight absorbs the energy and releases bouncing light spheres around the stage. The largest sphere becomes a Super pellet, but can be deflected by the backup dancers. On the other two phases the number of lights and dancers increases to six and eight.
Pillowool is an extremely lazy ram, who nonetheless desires a very high standard of living. His quest to attain a life of ease is aided in part by his sentient bed, Bedlam, whom he rides constantly. But that wasn't enough for him - seeing how the Slumbores went about their lives controlling enemies as slaves, he figured he'd do the same to them!
PilloWool doesn't move from the stage center, but psychically controls two clockwork soldiers to attack instead. The soldiers can be attacked from behind to deactivate them temporarily. Once both soldiers are inactive, PilloWool falls into a deep sleep, generating random waves that pull or push the player towards Bedlam's teeth or the spiked stage perimeter. The Super pellet always spawns directly in front of PilloWool, but the waves must still be avoided to launch it. PilloWool increases the number of soldiers to four and six during the following phases, as well as generating a spinning hour hand in phase two and a minute hand in phase three.
SlipFang is a monstrous serpent-like creature, capable of absorbing the experiences and desires of other beings. Its unusual abilities have left it in a perpetual state of discontent and hate, as it continuously fails to sate its own desires. It has targeted the Jadiveyes due to their ability to absorb other traits from their prey, but as an equally discontent race, it will find no satisfaction there. Stop SlipFang before it destroys their entire race!
When SlipFang first appears, he spawns worms of three colors, including the color matching the playable character. The worms will slowly follow the player, while SlipFang tries to bite up from beneath. Each time he grabs a worm instead, he will fire an energy projectile of the same color, that will continue bouncing for the rest of the phase. Once the worm matching the player is eaten, SlipWorm causes the bouncing projectiles to explode, and begins pursuing the player quickly. He will drop a Super pellet after chasing for a while, but will not stop until it is launched at him. On the following two phases, he creates five and seven worms, in addition to any he did not eat previously.
RingWraith is the leader of the Vices, residing at the bottom of the Dungeon of Sins. This amorphous being sustains himself on the energy harvested by his subordinates, relying on them to survive. Despite his supply being cut off, he will create more if undefeated. It is time for the final battle!
The beast attacks by slamming the ground with his fists, throwing dark bolts that explode, as well as summoning various ghosts and skeletons. The dark bolts don't always explode - getting him to punch one causes his shadow form to dissipate, leaving the spinning halo and a Super pellet where the bolt was. He pellet must be fired at one of the seven colored segments of the halo to shatter it, but the one matching the playable character will not break, instead reviving him. On subsequent phases he summons Zombies, Fiends, and Imps; when knocked over, two and three segments must be broken, as the halo spins faster and faster. Hitting the matching color segment causes the other ones broken on that phase to regenerate.
The second form of RingWraith, Black Death sheds his innocuous appearance to release his true power. This horrible beast cannot prevail - overcome your weaknesses and finish him off for good!
In this form he hovers in the background, throwing attacks from afar. He has seven attacks in this form: creating a giant yellow PacMan to chase down the player; summoning a spinning split heart with a laser connecting the halves; creating a golden hand that launches streams of golden coins before attempting to grab the player; creating a fiery crack in the air that rains fireballs from the sky, before dropping a larger ball of fire; creating a sapphire crown that covers all portions of the arena that aren't near it in fog, then electrocutes the fog; a cloud that follows the player and leaves a purple trail, putting the player to sleep; and a green eye that creates false clones and launch homing darts. Each attack can be destroyed by hitting it enough, dropping a Super pellet that floats into the sky - once three are collected, they merge into a x3 Pellet. It must be fired at Black Death in the background, but he will try to dodge it. The other two hits must be dealt using a x5 and a x7 Pellet, respectively.