P.T. Piranha
P.T. Piranha SMG2.5
Full Name P.T. Piranha
Location Planet Plains Galaxy
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Piranha Plants
Main Weapon(s) His UFO

P.T. Piranha is the first boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, appearing in the first level of the game like Dino Piranha from Super Mario Galaxy and Peewee Piranha from Galaxy 2. P.T. Piranha is a type of Piranha Plant resembling Petey Piranha. He has the same colors as Dino Piranha, only the colors are switched around. His leaves however, look more like Petey Piranha's leaves. He has a strange UFO that he flies around in. If you look closely you will see a Bowser Icon on the bottom of it.


Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

In Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, P.T. Piranha is battled twice. Once in the first level of the game, We've got P.T. Piranha and P.T. Piranha Speed Run, which are both in Planet Plains Galaxy. The first time, Mario travels from planetoid to planetoid, until Mario Launch Stars right on to his egg, cracking it and starting the battle. P.T. Piranha will fly around in his UFO and shoot fireballs. He will also try to crush Mario by ground pounding down with the UFO. This is Mario's chance to ground pound on him. Repeating this three times will defeat him. In P.T.'s Speed Run, Mario only gets 2:00 to get to and defeat him.