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Pérez's Story is a short story written by RTA fan (tbc). It follows Krystal Pérez as she tries to get rid of her fears.


Chapter 1

Anaheim, California. A girl, about the age of 19, walks down the street scared. Her hair, black. Her eyes, blue. The street, empty. Her footsteps are the only sound in the neighbourhood as the lights go on. She reaches the end of the street. Looking up at the sky, her eyes reflect the moon. She sighs and walks off. She drops a card with her name on it: Krystal Pérez.

In the back of Krystal's mind, she has always had a few anxious feelings, but they have never surfaced. Her brain usually tries blocking bad feelings, just letting positive thoughts through. But, the negative feelings inside have started to creep up within.

After walking a long distance, Krystal suddenly picked up a gun. It was loaded. She was suddenly in a dark, sinister room. She saw a shady figure tied up to a chair. She walked closer to see her dad. This frightened Krystal, knowing what was about to happen. The lights went out and there was the sound of footsteps and a gunshot. Krystal turned the light back on, to see her father dead. She screamed, and her brain went into overdrive, waking her up from a deep sleep.
"It's only a dream, Krystal," she repeated to herself constantly. She looked at the door of her apartment, looked at her jacket, and then went out, for real.

After walking a long distance, Krystal came across a demon by the name of Eliza. She doesn't blow her cover instantly, but rather watches her whip up a large inferno first. However, Eliza sensed Krystal in her presence and approaches her. Scared again, Krystal cowered at the end of the street.
"If you think I'm a bad person, I'm not," Eliza said, holding a hand out to help Krystal up. "You look like the timid kind. I can help you get over any fears you have."
Krystal reluctantly agrees, getting up off the cold ground.
"How did you know I'm that kind of person?" she asked.
"I just did. I'm Eliza."

Chapter 2

The following day, Krystal went back to the spot where she saw Eliza. Sure enough, she was there.
"Alright," Eliza said, "what is there that scares the living crap out of you?"
"Honestly... A bit too much," Krystal sighed. "Death is a big fear, since I lost my dad when I was 6. Ever since then life hasn't been easy for me. I got these PSI powers when I turned seven, even then I barely survived myself."
Eliza put what Krystal said into thought. She dug into her pocket, and got a rock of sorts.
"This is a piece of topaz I was given as a kid. If you have serious bad luck, you should keep this on you," she said. Krystal takes the rock and hopes for the best to come.

Krystal, in a bit of an uncertain mood, tries to continue her life like noting happened. She heads home to be greeted by her brother, Quentin. He seemed to notice something was up with Krystal, seeing panic in her eyes.
"Is there something wrong?" he asked.
Krystal stayed quiet, while trying to keep the rock Eliza gave her safe. She decides, once again, to go out.
"Well, that was short-lived," Quentin said.



  • Krystal Pérez
  • Eliza Thomas





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