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The Box Art
Developer(s) Scratch Kat Enterprises, Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Scratch Kat Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) May 24, 2016
Age Rating(s) E10+
Media Included Game Disk

Overclocked (2015) is a arcade-style fighting game for the Wii U, developed by Scratch Kat Enterprises and Dreams Inc.


This game is styled after traditional fighting games, such as Street Fighter and the like.
In Overclocked, two characters battle it out in a fight to the death, each working to deplete the other's Energy Bar. When one character's Energy Bar reaches zero, they'll collapse and their opponent will reign victorious.








Image Name Description
Scratch Kat Scratch is an experiment gone mad, hailing from a now-exploded planet. He's a melee fighter, with no ranged attacks.

Pogo is an alien from the realm of Who-Knows-Where. He's a mysterious fellow, and is quite attached to his floating crown. Pogo attacks with his fists and a bit of off-world magics.


Dawg is Scratch Kat's cynical counterpart, weileding a cartoon-esque mallet in battle. It contains not only a powerful punch, but a few explosive projectiles as well.


Twilight is a mad scientist who has lived in complete seclusion for... a long time. Rumor has it he has a few robotic parts in him, but you cant always trust gossip. Twilight attacks with his magical sword and various other magical things, most likely coming from his funny jewel-looking thing.

Bleedle Bleedle is a bounty hunter from the far reaches of space, using a strange form of telekinesis to hold his four hands aloft. He attacks using a ray gun and his fast moving-fists, as well as a few psychic attacks.
Rei Rei is a ninja from the other side of the Fantendo home planet. She scarcely speaks, and relies on her ninja stars and sword for most of her attacks.
Lub Lub The last member of a species from Scratch Kat's planet, Lub Lub seems to know more about Scratch's past then he lets on. He mostly has short-range attacks, throwing in the occasional fireball.



  • Overclocked started out as Magical Fighters Deluxe '15, and would follow the same year-to-year naming formula as The King of Fighters.