Out of Bounds
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Blender Maximum
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)
June 2017
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
3D platformer
Media Included V² Disc

Out of Bounds, also referred to as The S'heavena Experience or just S'heavena, is a third-person shooter game to be released for The V² in June 2017. The game, created by Blender Maximum, is centered around the character S'heavena, a girl with powers that allow her to utilize different versions of herself from parallel universes. It was first revealed on August 20th, 2016.


Both modes of the game, called World Mode and The S'heavena Experience respectively, play fairly similar to each other although they have several differences. As the game is a third-person shooter, the camera will follow the player character(s), who are able to attack others using various weapons that can be unlocked in World Mode or bought. Both game modes will affect each other in certain aspects, such as leveling up or going to new places. It is recommended that the player plays through World Mode to be able to access more content although it is not required.

World Mode

World Mode is the single player mode of the game, although it can be played with 2-player local multiplayer. This mode takes place in an open world environment and has more platforming elements in structures as well as missions for the player to complete. This mode is described as the "story mode" of the game, allowing for players to unlock new weapons that can be used in both modes and explore.

The S'heavena Experience

The S'heavena Experience can be played in online multiplayer or local 4-player multiplayer. This mode begins in a small hub world consisting of only a few buildings, but this mode holds access to The S'heavena Arena. This mode places two four-player teams, consisting of alternate universe S'heavenas, on a single enclosed map against each other, both teams trying to gain the most points by killing enemies or "being creative" with their actions. Players also have levels in this mode, granting them the ability to level up both themselves and their weapons. However, in the hub world of this mode, weapons can be bought that are exclusive to this mode and cannot be transferred.



S'heavena is a twenty-something-year-old girl from the invisible land of Bordomme who was experimented on as a child. Slowly driving her insane, these experiments were also heavily detrimental to her health, and in an effort to heal her using a machine, S'heavena realized that she could alter the device to be used as a weapon. Killing those who had tortured her and still going after others, S'heavena runs into her childhood friend, Eilidh Yoos, who sees that S'hea's heart is acting "strange." S'hea asks Eilidh to investigate… and, of course, kidnaps her just in case she disagrees. Their investigation, however, attracts the attention of crazed scientist Dr. Charlie Flowers, forcing both him to release experimental monsters into the world and S'heavena, delightfully, to go on a mass killing spree.


Character Description
S'heavena is just some insane woman who keeps committing suicide or something like that. She's the protagonist which, honestly, is an awful idea, who would want to make this person a protagonist of all things? Also she can shoot stuff and hates doctors for some reason.
Eilidh Yoos Eilidh Yoos is really stretching it with that name, ya know. Like seriously, who does she think she's fooling? Eilidh Yoos? Who would seriously name their child that? It's obvious she's just going by an- ahem- alias. What's her real name, anyways? Eh, whatever, she's apparently sorta smart, and she knew S'heavena when she was younger or something? I don't know. Why is the desk receptionist an important character?
Dr. Charlie Flowers The stereotypical bad guy who kidnaps the princess. Except Charlie isn't really kidnapping her, he's actual releasing her into the wild. And it's not a princess, it's multiple horrid abominations out to kill our sociopathic protagonist. But other than that, he's pretty much the stereotypical bad guy who kidnaps the princess. S'heavena doesn't like him very much because he's a doctor.



  • The working title of the game was S'heavena Goes for a Walk and was intended to be used for a while before it was changed.
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