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Oricalchum King Boo

Oricalchum King Boo (abbreviated as OKB) is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Spaghetti.


He is identical to King Boo, but made of oricalchum.


Special: Shoots a flame made of Oricalchum that can be controlled with the GamePad's Control Stick that deals decent damage, but OKB is vulnerable when he uses this move. The flame disappears after it hits a player/an item/etc. or if OKB is hurt.

Up Special: Oricalchum King Boo disappears to reappear above where he was.

Side Special: OKB dashes into the enemy, leaving for a really short amount of time ectoplasm on his way, that damages enemies.

Down Special: OKB throws Boos to the enemy. (Like King Dedede throws Waddle Dees/Waddle Doos/Gordos in SSBB)

Final Smash: OKB goes in the sky and creates a giant version of the Oricalchum Flame that doesn't disappear if it hits something before the Final Smash's end. OKB is invulnerable when he does this move.

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