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#826 Orbeetle
Category Seven Spot Pokémon
Original Region Galar
National Dex Nr. #826
Galar Dex Nr. #012
Generation 8
Pokémon Color Red
First Appearance Pokémon Sword & Shield
Type(s) Bug/Psychic
Ability/ies Swarm, Frisk
(Hidden: Telepathy)
Average Height 1'04"
Average Weight 89.9 lbs.

#826 Orbeetle
Category Seven Spot Pokémon
Original Region Galar
National Dex Nr. #826
Galar Dex Nr. #012
Type(s) Bug/Psychic
Ability/ies Levitate
Average Height 45'11"
Average Weight ???

Orbeetle is a dual-type Bug/Psychic Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

It evolves from Dottler starting at Level 30. It is the final form of Blipbug. It also has a Gigantamax form.


Orbeetle is a beetle-like Pokémon with a large head that resembles the body of a ladybug. The shell is red with seven black spots and a black underside. Its face is black and white with yellow antenna that resembles eyebrows and blue eyes with white rings. Its actual body is much smaller, it is mostly black with thin limbs and yellow legs. Its arms have two claws and its feet are pointed.

Orbettle are famous for their large brains and high intelligence. Its large brain is proof of the immense psychic power it possesses. Orbeetle emits its psychic powers, to study, observe their surroundings, including objects over six miles away. Because of their power, Orbeetle rarely use their wings to fly, but use their psychic powers to lift their entire bodies, much like Alakazam.

As Gigantamax Orbeetle it becomes larger and brain drastically increasing to resemble a Flying saucer. The wings disappear when Gigantamaxed. The black spot on its brain changes to blue with white rings. Underneath the brain is five yellow orb circles each having a blue line that split the orb into three with a fourth black circle underneath it. At the center is a blue orb connected by nine blue lines. The Orb shines a bright light that can move around similar to flying saucer. Three red clouds float underneath blue orb. The rest of Orbeetle's body infused to a half black orb with blues line with a half circle connecting the head, arms, and legs.

Due to Gigantamaxing, its brain and body have grown to a gargantuan size. As a result, its psychic power and intelligence have become overwhelming. Should Gigantamax Orbeetle use a slight bit of power it has, it can control the minds of every living being within the vicinity.

Gigantamax Orbeetle is the only known Pokémon capable of using the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Gravitas.


Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
HP: 60
120 - 167 230 - 324
Attack: 45
45 - 106 85 - 207
Defense: 110
103 - 178 202 - 350
Sp.Atk: 80
76 - 145 148 - 284
Sp.Def: 120
112 - 189 220 - 372
Speed: 90
85 - 156 166 - 306
Total: 505   Other Pokémon with this total  
  • The minimum stats were calculated with 0 EV's and IV's, plus a hindering Nature, if applicable.
  • The maximum stats are calculated with 252 EV's, 31 IV's, and a helpful Nature, if applicable.

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