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Orange Yoda
New Orange Yoda
Orange Yoda's basic appearance
SPECIES Yoda's species
Orange Yoda head Orange Yoda is a member of Yoda's species and a powerful wielder of The Ecrof; the ability to manipulate mana using mind. He is often said to be psychotic, often being a villain in games he appears, however he also makes some appearances as a playable character.

Little is known about Orange Yoda, due to him only having small roles in games that he appears in. He has been described as a psychotic being with the ability to travel through time, with his origin being far in the past. Additionally, he displays the ability to make clones of those who fight him, which he dubs "Sockpuppet Fighters". In Randamu Kakuto Geemu, Orange Yoda is described as a "Idej" warrior- one of the people able to harness the Ecrof powers. He primarily wields an orange blade of solid light as his primary weapon.

Physical Appearance

As with all members of Yoda's species, Orange Yoda is short with a large, round head and pointed ears. His skin is orange and his bald head has a purple mark resembling an arrow pointing downwards. He is often seen wearing a grey robe, hiding most of his body, though his hands and feet can clearly be seen at some points. He often has inconsistencies in the number of fingers he has, whether it be three or four, though they are often depicted as having large claws jutting from their ends. Likewise, his feet are often inconsistent in design, though are often seen to have three or four toes with similar claws protruding from them.


Randamu Kakuto Geemu

Orange Yoda appears as an unlockable fighter in Randamu Kakuto Geemu. In the game, he wields the Idej powers and his trademark orange sabre of light. His final smash is the Ecrof.


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