Orange Wisp
Orange Wisp
A Orange Wisp named Rocket.
Item Type Rocket
Kind of Item Wisp
Latest Appearance Sonic Colors
Makes transform Sonic into a Orange Rocket and flies very high for a short time.

Orange Wisp (named Rocket) is a species of Wisp that turns Sonic into a rocket. It's first appearance is in Sonic Colors.

Games Appearances

Mario & Sonic Racing

Orange Wisps appears in Mario & Sonic Racing as an item. It's a uncommon item that usually appears between 9th and 12th place. When the racer uses the item, it becomes a rocket that can be very fast. It's very similar to Bullet Bill but the racer can control the movements and it's vulnerable to Stars and Chaos Emeralds. It also lets the user fly during a time. When the user wants to go down, it will hit the floor very potently.

The Orange Wisp's effect finishes lasts 8 seconds or so. If the racer is over the floor, he will fall down and it could stop a moment.

Mario & Sonic Grand Prix

Orange Wisp appears in Mario & Sonic Grand Prix as a rare item.


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