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The game's logo.
The game's boxart.
Developer(s) Hybrid2.png
Publisher(s) Hybrid2.png
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Action-adventure, puzzle.
Release Date(s) ???
Mode(s) Story Mode.
Age Rating(s) TRating.png16Rating.pngCERO C.png
Media Included Wii U Disk

Open Canvas is a linear action-adventure puzzle game, featuring Tim, a 13-years old kid with a lot of imagination and a gift for drawing, traveling through the World of Dreams, and then finding out it is slowly becoming a nightmare. It is avaliable only on the Wii U, and is the last game created by Hybrid Co.


Chapter 1: Dream

Chapter 2: Waking Up

Chapter 3: Nightmare

Chapter 4: Discovery

Chapter 5: Recovering Dreams

Chapter 6: Forgive and Forget

Chapter 7: Turn Back

Chapter 8: Dream Coma

Chapter 9: Retrieving Life

Chapter 10: Reality



Artwork Name Role Description
TimOC.png Tim The Hero

Tim is just a normal, thirteen year old kid with a gift for drawing and a lot of imagination. When his grades worse, he is grounded by his mother in his bedroom, and after falling asleep, he discovers a world hidden deep in his subconscious, the Dream World, where all his drawings become true...

TeddyOC.png Tedd The Helper A seemingly normal Teddy Bear who becomes magically enchanted during one of Tim's dreams. As such, he is able to move and float in the Real World, and advises Tim during his adventures in the Dream World.
CanvasOC.png Canvas The Brush In the Dream World, Tim has no control over his subconscious creativity. Canvas is the only one capable of modifying reality meanwhile on Dreams, and as such, was captured. However, when he escaped, he found Tim, and bonded with him.
Rattler.png Rattler The Smith You need a sword? A gun? A bow? An axe? An automatic bow-shooting axe-bouncing bow? A laser sword? A gaming console? Call Rattler, a novice blacksmith, and he'll try to do it. No devolutions.

Secondary Characters

Artwork Name Role Description
ShopkeeperOC.png Prince Jebediah XIV The Shopkeeper A mysterious, traveling shopkeeper who wanders around the Dream World with a happy grin on his face. However, this is just a facade to hide his melancholy after being punished and having to leave his kingdom after dishonouring his parents, the Dream King and the Dream Queen.
NacylOC.png Nacyl Vantas The Loner A sad, melancholic person who travels around the Dream World, always crying. Why he does this is unknown, but he seems to be a ghost of someone who died... or maybe he is just a Nightmare?
DoodlyOC.png Doodly The First Doodly was the first thing Tim ever drew correctly, and he holds a special affection for him. Being experienced in just about everything, Doodly was able to survive the Nightmare and reunite a group of people that would help him battle the Darkness.






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