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Developer(s) Hybrid2Steli Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
JP June 6th 2006, NA July 21st 2006, EU July 30th 2006, AU August 13th 2006
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle.
Media Included Cartridge

Opaque View: Morning Light is a platformer/puzzle game for the Nintendo DS and the first game in the Opaque View series. Being a collaboration project between Steli Entertainment and Hybrid Co., the game features Arcois, Lienzo and a group of rebels trying to restore colors in the monochrome lands of Grisslea.


Long ago, two twin gods were born from the skies, one monochrome and one colourful. Combining their powers, they decided to create their own world, a planet they would rule on with good will, a planet where they would be the deities. As so, they used their abilities to, during millions of years, craft a big, beautiful planet.

When they started creating the species populating it, the Colourful god decided to bring colour onto all the land: filling everything with joy and colours, the creatures he had created were all painted in different tones: red, green, blue, brown... However, soon, the monochrome god saw he had nothing to do.

While the peasants called the Colourful God their true deity, and admired his work, the Monochrome God was always left out of the story books. Why would they never mention him? Why would his name always strike deception?

The monochrome god, out of jealousy, soon attacked his brother, sealing him into a floating palace and converting him into stone. Suddenly, all the colours of the planet disappeared, leaving everything in black and white. However, the Colourful God had a plan; he gave a entire village the Gift of Colour, making them able to manipulate and paint everything in different tones.

However, soon, the Monochrome Villages started to make colour be forbidden, as that was what the Monochrome Deity had said. As so, the Gifted ones ran away and constructed spaceships to fly on the skies of Grisslea, extending the long, long line of Gifted Ones, and soon, merging a bit with the Monochrome Villages.


The game plays as a normal, 2D sprite platformer. The player is able to levitate and move around the stage, and can also jump and double jump. However, the game is more than just a simple platformer, relying heavily on puzzle elements, such as the Paint Balls and Lienzo's Sprays.

Using them, the player is able to change the course of the game, being able to stick to walls, do greater jumps, bounce, shoot projectiles and do other different effects, such as, for example, acceleration and teleportation.

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