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The Exterminator of Feelings.
AGE One thousand years.
Humans are filthy bastards. They just live for viciousness and greed. I shall exterminate them, kill their feelings, end up with their miserable life.

Opaque is the main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Zero, first introduced as Drabuu's loyal servant, and later betraying him for his own purposes. He is one Extermi, meaning he feels the opposite to the humans. He's cynic and sarcastical, mostly because of all his pain. He has a pretty defined personality and appearance, and a great dark aura covering him. He returned as a boss in Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar, transported with a spell from The Ringmaster, as the penultimate boss.


Let's play the last round of a game... the game of your life. Lights, camera, action!

Opaque is shown as a cynic, sarcastic and dark character. He has no doubt in killing anyone who opposes him, and will manipulate people to move them like pawns on a chess game. He's very clever and intelligent, with small insanity, but suffers a great pain. He's vulnerable and weak in certain points. He suffers by his power: since he can read minds, he feels the same emotions of that person. Pure emotions, since when he suffered the humans attacks, damage them severely.

Opaque does not show any sympathy or concern for anybody or anything. The value of a person's life to Opaque is measured solely on how useful they can be for him and not by their character. He loves to tell sadistic jokes, and his favourite juice is the one made of human blood. He hates humans more than anything in the world.

Opaque is intelligent, having everything planned since the beginning of the game. His explications are incredibly logical, and he leaves no evidence about his attacks.

Opaque is constantly planning every step of his plans and it is never clear what his intentions are until the end of the game. He is one of the more diabolical characters in the game as a villain with a sadistic and warped sense of humor. He is willing to do anything at the expense of other lives and has no conscience or guilt for his actions, murdering people in a bloody way.

He wants to destroy everything, and then create a new world, where he can live with Extermis, and without a single human.


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