See Paradigm/Oni for her info in that game.

Oni (also known as Onigōru) is a demon of the Oni subspecies that resides in Paradigm. She first appeared in Paradigm as one of the first ten starting characters. She later appeared as a bonus fight in Crow vs the World.


Oni is a white skinned demon wearing albino tiger-skin loincloth as a bra and skirt. She wears black and white boots. She has black sclera and golden irises. She wields around a rectangular club with several spikes sticking out from it, with a demon tail dangling off the silver handle. She has black hair.


In general, there is not much information about her aside from her personality. Oni is known for her strength and while flirty, doesn't take any crap from anyone who belittles or devalues her. She is seen lifting up heavy rocks and boulders with ease. She wields a giant golden club adorned with many spikes and is a force to be reckoned with. It's unknown what she's doing in Paradigm.



Powers and Abilities

Oni has massive strength, able to swing around a giant golden club easily. She has low defense, making her somewhat of a glass cannon. She can create a bubble shield to make up for this.



One of the first ten characters to be added to the game and is available from the start. She is a glass cannon character with a lot of power.

Crow vs the World

A secret boss character that is accessible after finishing the game for the first time.



Initially somewhat hostile to Crow, Oni has grown to respect the white-haired wild woman.



  • Oni isn't her original birth name. It was originally Onigōru but she stuck to just "Oni" in Paradigm because she felt she represented the entire Oni race's strength and power.
    • It was also likely done to hide her identity from her blood thirsty sister, who would have been looking to kill a "Onigōru".

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