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One-Hit Wonder is a hybrid platformer/beat 'em up/bullet hell. The game is set in various fictional towns and cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and follows the adventures of a young martial artist.


The majority of gameplay takes place on levels reminiscent of sidescrolling platforms, with massive environments that can be navigated easily through wall jumps and other skills that improve mobility. These levels are also swarming with demonic enemies, which provide a bit of bullet-hell to the game by quickly swarming the player or barraging them with projectile attacks. As even a single hit will mean Game Over, this means that evasion is essential to success.

Under most circumstances, the demons are nearly invulnerable to damage, with attacks dealing little-to-no damage. But by performing standard attacks on them, however effective, the player can fill their Magia Meter. When (a section of) the meter is full, they can unleash a One-Hit Wonder attack, which deals immense damage to struck enemies - usually enough to annihilate them in a single blow. One-Hit Wonder attacks also release shockwaves that push away enemies untouched by the attack, and completely destroy projectiles close to Amaia in a manner similar to the bombs from more traditional bullet-hell games.

Aside from this, the game functions similarly to a hybrid of a beat 'em up and a platformer. Amaia has a light attack button, a heavy attack button, a jump button, and a dash button. Holding either trigger while inputting an attack will activate One-Hit Wonder as long as a section of the Magia Meter is full.


One of the shops that players will frequently access is the Cryptid's Gymnasium, which is where the players can purchase Upgrades. Some upgrades grant new moves and some upgrades improve the player's stats. The player can also purchase more challenging levels and alternate costumes at the Gymnasium. These costumes alter the main character's animations and unlock specially-themed levels. Upgrades and costumes are bought using Almas, an in-game currency collected by defeating enemies and completing levels.


Name Description
Amaia2 1HitWonder.png
Amaia Azarola
The One-Hit Wonder
The main protagonist of the game. Amaia is an impulsive girl whose entire life revolves around punching things. Her punches, coincidentally, can be among the most powerful in the world.
Cordula2 1HitWonder.png
Cordula Azarola
Adoptive Cousin
Joey2 1HitWonder.png
Joey Bähr
Humanity's Mightiest Warrior
An American wrestler who, for some inexplicable reason, is obsessed with fighting Amaia.
Julen 1HitWonder.png
Julen Medina
An Unexpected Ally


A summary of the game's story mode can be found here.


Name Location Description


Name Price Description
Doble Salto
(Double Jump)
A500 Allows Amaia to perform a midair jump to gain extra height or quickly change direction.
Becomes available in the store at the game's start.
Triple Salto
(Triple Jump)
A1500 Allows Amaia to perform two midair jumps instead of just one.
Becomes available in the store after purchasing Doble Salto.
Salto de Pared
(Wall Jump)
A500 Allows Amaia to cling to walls briefly. Jumping while on a wall causes her to leap off of it.
Becomes available in the store after meeting undecided criteria.
A1500 Prevents Amaia from falling off walls when clinging to them for too long.
Becomes available in the store after purchasing Salto de Pared.
Escalada de Pared
(Wall Climbing)
A3000 Allows Amaia to climb up and down walls while clinging to them.
Becomes available in the store after purchasing Paciencia.
A1000 Increases the size of the shockwave released when performing One-Hit Wonder attacks.
Becomes available in the store after meeting undecided criteria.
Ataque Ahorrativa
(Thrifty Attack)
A1500 Decreases the amount of Magia needed to use a One-Hit Wonder attack.
Becomes available in the store after meeting undecided criteria.
Taladro de Aura
(Aura Drill)
A500 Holding both triggers while using a One-Hit Wonder with a light attack causes Amaia to launch a blast of Aura from her hands. The blast has short range and moves a bit slowly, but has as much power as a standard One-Hit Wonder attack.
Becomes available in the store after making sufficient progress in the story.
Taladro Estupendo
(Super Drill)
A1000 Increases the speed and range of Amaia's Aura Bullets.
Becomes available in the store after purchasing Taladro de Aura.


Name Price Description
Abrigo de Platino
(Platinum Coat)
A1700 A tough-looking school uniform, heavily modified to make the wearer look a lot tougher than they actually are. Some say that the previous wearer of this particular coat was haunted by an evil spirit!
A costume inspired by Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Uniforme por Diversión
(Hero For Fun)
A1 You can't have a name like "One-Hit Wonder" without expecting to wear a superhero's costume at some point in your life! Though Amaia didn't expect the costume to include a bald cap, of all things...
A costume inspired by Saitama from One Punch Man.
Ropa Holgada
(Lazy-Bones Clothes)
A9999 Something about this strange ensemble just SCREAMS layabout. (Actually, it's probably just the slippers.) But underneath that is an uncanny ferocity that shouldn't be underestimated. Hehehehehe!
A costume inspired by Sans from Undertale.


  • The names of all the game's upgrades and costumes have their names listed in both Spanish and English on menus, in reference to Amaia's first language.