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Omegaverse: Confidential is a series by Omegaverse Corp. It features all-new characters.


A god known as Destructan plots to destroy the universes as he thinks that mortals are not good enough to live in his brilliant universe. You are his son/daughter, Roxas/Intarra, and you must stop your father, or die trying.



  • Roxas Jax: Roxas is the male hero and Destructan's son. Roxas lives as a shy boy in the city Pangea.
  • Intarra: She is the girl hero and Destructan's daughter. She is an adventerous girl on the tiny island of Min.
  • Rattly Duck and Logjam: These two were the heroes of the original classic saga.
  • Talus: Talus in the original saga was a main character, who got kidnapped by Destructan and acted as a non-damsel but still in distress. Talus was also the hero of the prequal to the main games.


  • Destructan:He is the former leader of all the gods in the world, but was banished by Talus. Your dad.
  • Talus: The leader of the gods, Talus wants to destroy you for being the kid of Destructan.


The Omegaverse

The very first game was actually released for the NES a long time ago, and featured little of the series characters today. In fact, Destructan and Talus were the only characters still in the new games that were in this, and a lot of the cast was some of Omegaverse Corp's cancelled characters.

The Omegaverse: Confidential Classic

Another classic game, this plays almost identically to The Omegaverse.

The Omegaverse US

An Omegaverse game only released in the US. It varied a LOT from the original and Confidential Classic.

The Omegaverse: 9 Island

The final classic game, and also the biggest. After this, there was a large gap before the Confidential series started up again.

Confidential: Destructan's Descend

The first game in which you play as Roxas or Intarra. The storylines are radically different depending on who you play as, but one things for sure, Destructan will be destroyed. The story is straightforward.

Confidential II: CLoNE

To be announced

Confidential III: CLoNE's Revenge

To be announced

Confidential 0: Talus's Story

To be announced

Confidential IV: New Heroes

To be announced

Confidential V: Crimson Chaos

To be announced

The New Super Omegaverse

Bringing back the old character Shy Bandit and friend J. Koopa, keeping Destructan, and adding a new RPG gameplay, the latest entry in Omegaverse: Confidential brings back nostalgia.

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