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Type of Company Fan Game Developers
Founder(s) Simpson55
Founded at/in 2013
Headquarters Korea
Area(s) Served The World
Owner(s) Simpson55
Subsidiary/ies Alphadream
Omegadream (from Alphadream) is a fanon game corporation created by Simpson55 (tbc). It was founded in 2013 and now the company is still making unpopular games.

This company is cooperating with another company, Nebula.Inc,

List of Official games



Hexa-value-img NSMB5-

Super Mario World 5 / New Super Mario Bros. 5



Mario Party Comet


  • Paper Mario 3D 
  • Super Mario RPG 6 
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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Link with the Mode-7

Omegadream was one of the video games producer to developing the mode-7, the famous mode of fake 3D used in SNES or PC games like Super Mario Kart or F-Zero. Originaly, the company want to use the mode-7 to makes games on a future Omegadream's console but as the company did'nt released any console during the "16-BIT age", the company help Nintendo to produce the mode-7 on the Super Nintendo, also Omegadream uses the Super Nintendo as a platform to makes some templates of mode-7 capacities.
Firstly, Omegadream has developed a simple "Game" with just a ground textured with "TEST", and a background where it's written "OMEGADREAM" whit the company logo.This "Game" was destinate to be shown in main conventions of video games, the result was not amazing, the players can only moves on this empty map, despite the fake 3D, Surprisingly has the age, Everything is quickly tiresome and don't show all capacities of the mode-7.

A little before the released of Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo, Omegadream has produced a new sort of game based more less on the same system as the first demo, but this time, it's possible to play as Mario driving on a map ( infinite size ) with arround him, Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi and Kamek, it's important to note, the sprites of characters are the same as the sprites used in Super Mario Kart, but officialy, Kamek is not a playable character in Super Mario Kart.

After the released of the Atari Jaguar, Playstation and all the first 32-64 bits consoles with 3D capacities, the mode-7 was obsolete and the company has stoped all testing and experimentations with the mode-7, at least still the released of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, as this handheld videogaming console hasn't got 3D capacities, it was customary to use the mode-7 as before.Omegadream and Nintendo had only one collective object, make a 3D system for the GBA, and this with a simple argument, if the Playstation and it's 32 bit processor can make 3D so a GBA and it's 32 bit processor can make 3D too, but they did not take into account many factors outside.finnaly Nintendo had opted for a mode-7 system, knowing  the GameBoy Advance was unable to make real 3D.

Link with Nintendo 64 Games

Super Mario 64

After the start of the project Super Mario FX, a platformer game using the Super FX chip, Omegadream was chosen to be one of the devellopers of the game.After trying multiple times to convince Nintendo to make this game with the mode-7, Nintendo finally decided to abandon the game on SNES, because of outdated technology. After all, Super Mario FX was exported to the Nintendo 64 under the name of Super Mario 64, today know as the first 3D real time Mario game. As Omegadream was not experienced on the real 3D and much less able to use the 64 bit processor of the Nintendo 64, the company was forced to abandon the developement of the game to competent persons.

Goldeneye 64

Goldeneye 64 was firstly develloped by Rareware and Omegadream as a Super Nintendo 2D platfrom game.

Finally, The game has been ported to the Nintendo Ultra 64 System (late became Nintendo 64), but again, Omegadream was forced to abandon the project due to their lack of competences

Link with Nintendo's Gamecube 3D Tech Demos

After the released of the Nintendo Gamecube, Omegadream had help Nintendo to makes some tech demos like: Super Mario 128, a tech demo intented to be a real game, in part develloped by Omegadream but finally deleted. Luigi's Mansion, the company had help Nintendo to make the demo but there isn't any links between the game itself and Omegadream.

Note: this section discloses partly true informations


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