Omega Smash Bros. Orochi is a game coming to the Jem Mecha. It is a loving homage to wacky Super Smash Bros. games and features several third party characters. The game is unique in that 99% is user suggestions, although it's channeled through one guy.




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Mario-SSBCMario SSB Mario Series

Mario was first created by Shigero Miyamoto as the protagonist for the game Donkey Kong for the Arcade. He would follow this up with more arcade games such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros. He is touted as a balanced character. He can shoot fire from his palm, perform a spin jump, and use FLUDD, which now does damage.

BowserSmooshBowser SSB Mario SeriesR-red

Bowser was introduced in the seminal Super Mario Bros. for NES, with most of his traditional character traits introduced along with it: his storyline role as a comically monstrous villain who always goes out of his way to kidnap the Mushroom Kingdom princess. In Smash Bros., he's a serious heavyweight who laughs off weaker attacks. Hit him hard to send him flying!

Ridley OmegaOrochiRidley


SSB Metroid Series

Ridley is a high-ranking Space Pirate, the archenemy of Samus Aran, and one of the most common recurring characters in the Metroid series, appearing in every Metroid game except for Metroid II: Return of Samus, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime Hunters. He has two modes, flying and ground based. Flying mostly limits him to grabbing and aerial based attacks, but he can fly back up without problem. Ground based allows for more attacks but he can't fly back up with ease. He's also a BIG target, so he won't be avoiding a lot of attacks. He's a bit of a tough character to use, but his fast and powerful attacks make it worth it.



SSB Kirby Series

Queen Sectonia is the main antagonist and final boss of Kirby: Triple Deluxe. She is a large queen wasp-like creature, who wields two magic scepters. She uses these two magic scepters to summon orbs and can use two swords to attack. She can also fire pink lightning at her opponents and teleports faster than any other character that has the same ability. She is rather slow when not teleporting though, and has short small jumps and has to flutter back in order to get back on the stage.

Strikers DaisyDaisy


SSB Mario Series

The princess of Sarasaland. Daisy is known to be a tomboy and such uses sports in her attacks. Daisy attacks using tennis equipment and the striker ball, while summoning Shy Guys to attack for her and using the Superball power-up from Super Mario Land. The Superballs go into strange directions but can pick up items.



SSB Xenoblade Series

Riki is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles and a member of the mercantile Nopon race. Although he looks like a child, he is actually 40 years old and has 11 children. Using his own arts such as Freezinate and Burninate, he has a variety of attacks that don't do immediate damage, instead damaging over time.



SSB Kid Icarus Series

Prior to the events of Kid Icarus, Medusa co-ruled Angel Land with Palutena as the Goddess of Darkness. Whereas Palutena fostered the growth of humanity, Medusa hated their kind and took to drying up crops and petrifying people. Palutena, in a fit of anger, changed Medusa into a cyclopic, snake-haired monster and banished her to the Underworld. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Medusa vowed one day to overthrow Palutena and retake her position in the Palace in the Sky. She attacks using her staff, with dark-based effects on her attacks. She can also teleport and summon two floating mines that explode if anyone gets too close.

Bayonetta umbra suit by artemismoonguardian-d6rqwljBayonetta


Bayonetta Symbol

Bayonetta is one of only two surviving Umbran Witches, along with being the child of a Witch and a Lumen Sage. She is a witch who shapeshifts and uses various firearms, along with magical attacks she performs with her own hair, to dispatch her foes.

Papermario ssb5Paper Mario


SSB Paper Mario Series

Paper Mario is an incarnation of Mario made of paper. He's the protagonist of the Paper Mario series. Paper Mario attacks with a mamer, stickers, and some of his partners. All of Paper Mario's special moves can be chained together (with proper timing) up to three times in any order, kind of like Marth's Forward B special. After using a Step 1 move, the next special will be the Step 2 move of the Special you inputted, and another input will chain into a Step 3 move.

PeteySSBIPetey Piranha


SSB Mario Series

Petey Piranha is an abnormally large mutant Piranha Plant with petals on his head all around his chin. His first appearance is in Super Mario Sunshine, and since then has become a common boss in Mario titles, despite seemingly being destroyed after each encounter. He also consistently appears in sports games and spin-offs. Petey Piranha is thought to be a loyal follower of Bowser, but this is undetermined. It is quite likely that he is the ruler of his kind, as suggested by his Japanese name, Boss Pakkun, "Pakkun Flower" being the Japanese name for the Piranha Plant. He has multiple special powers that set him apart from normal Piranha Plants, including spitting Goop, flying, and attacking with vines.

Callie&MarieCallie and Marie


SSB Splatoon

Callie and Marie, also known as the Squid Sisters, are two cousin Inklings that are phenomenally popular around Inkopolis. Aside from being pop stars, they also appear as newscasters for Inkopolis Plaza, and also host a particular kind of event called Splatfests, where Inklings pick their favorite side and tussle it out. They fight as a duo, using their transformation abilities and splatting paint from paint guns. They can also use melodic wails to attack as well.

JohnCenaJohn Cena



Really, now. Who ever saw John Cena coming? When he debuted on SmackDown in June 2002, he was just a beefy guy in purple trunks. Within a year of his introduction, he transformed into the battle-rapping, chain-wielding “Doctor of Thuganomics.” Now, he’s the biggest star in WWE — but he’s also the most polarizing. He utilizes various wrestling moves in his moveset, requiring him to get close to his opponent. One of his moves "You Can't See Me", turns him briefly invisible, making this a non-issue. Now that we got all of that out of the way, it's time to beat up some of this weaboo anime shit.

Stylist4TrendsettersSavvy Stylist



The Stylist, also known as the Savvy Stylist, is a young female character that represents the player in the Style Savvy series. The Stylist can have its appearance altered and be given a new name according to the player, so not every Stylist looks the same. She attacks with handbags, throwing heels, and expanding out a catwalk platform that crushes anyone under it.

NSM MatthewMatthew



Matthew is the main playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is the son of Isaac and Jenna, and is a Venus Adept like his father. One of his special abilities is Psynergy, which creates an energy field that pushes foes away. He can also use Retreat which teleports him; and Move which grabs items and objects and places them over an opponents head, as if he was using them himself. He can cast Earthquake as well, which stops the opponents in the way as damage comes the stage itself. Those on the ground will get damaged in a certain vicinity.

LucarioPokkénTournament SSB Pokémon Series

A Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon that excels in combat through the reading and manipulation of Aura. As Lucario takes more damage, its attacks grow in strength. At maximum power, Lucario deals triple damage and its Aura Sphere is particularly devastating! Foes won't even know what hit them!

Sonic the hedgehog reupload by jogita6-d6v8qqrSonic SSB Sonic Series

Sonic is a male, 15 year-old anthropomorphic Hedgehog. He has spiky blue hair, green eyes, and red running shoes and loves to go fast. Sonic is the fastest character in the game, in regards to movement speed (fastest dash speed, sixth fastest air speed, and very fast rolls). However, only about half of his moveset has speed to match, only one of them being killing moves.

MegamanOrochiOmegaMegaman SSB Mega Man series

Mega Man is a highly advanced robot with a near-human personality created by Dr. Thomas Light. In the year 200X, Dr. Light and Dr. Albert Wily worked together to create robots with unprecedented artificial intelligence that could be used to supervise other less advanced robots. As Mega Man, Rock possesses the Mega Buster, a weapon that converts his hands into a powerful energy cannon. He does not widely use hand-to-hand combat, but relies on his large arsenal of weaponry.

HoneyQueenOrochiOmegaHoney Queen


SSB Mario Series

When Queen Bee has a request, it's hard not to oblige. She's quite comfortable in her home in the Honeyhive Galaxy, except for a persistent itch on her back that she just can't seem to scratch. Using her huge body as a means to roll over players and her stinger to hit them where it hurts, Honey Bee is about getting close to your opponents.

Grovyle & celebiGrovyle & Celebi


SSB Pokémon Series

I think it's a Explorers of Time thing? I've never played these games so I wouldn't know. Grovyle and Celebi work as a duo, casting moves like Magical Leaf which is a attack with a strange leaf that cannot be evaded easily, Ancient Power that inflicts damage onto a opponent while strengthening the two, and using Quick Attack and Leaf Blade.

PepsiManAndCocaColaBearPepsi Man and the Coca Cola Bear


SSB Pepsi logo

Pepsi Man is on the run from god knows what. With very little options, he's resorted to teaming up with the Coca Cola Polar Bear. Pepsi Man is the faster of the two, with Joey the Coca Cola Bear always lugging behind. What Joey has though, is strength and he can throw Cola machines with ease. The two can also drink up and restore a bit of their health with Coca Cola Life and Pepsi Life.

Shawn michaels render by brettbrand-d8j50r2Shawn Michaels



Ask any Superstar on the WWE roster who the most gifted sports-entertainer of all time is and nearly everyone will have the same answer — Shawn Michaels. A cocky, confident heartbreaker from San Antonio, Texas, HBK started off his career as one-half of The Rockers and ended it in a classic match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI. Along the way, he won every major WWE title, two Royal Rumbles, entry into the WWE Hall of Fame and a reputation as The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main Event. He uses moves such as Sweet Chin Music, Modified figure-four leglock, and the Teardrop Suplex!

KoopaKidTransparentKoopa Kid


SSB Mario SeriesR-red

The Koopa Kids are minions of Bowser who only appear in the Mario Party series. The Koopa Kids resemble miniature versions of Bowser (and are therefore very similar in appearance to Bowser Jr. and Baby Bowser). He rides around in a bug-like flying cart thing. He also throws coins, darts, fruit and fireballs as a means of attack. He can also fire a cannon.

TheOtherDiamondMarioDiamond Mario


SSB Mario SeriesR-red

Diamond Mario is a Mario made out of... well... diamonds. Flaunting his wealth from New Super Mario Bros. 2, this alternate version of Mario is encoated in thousands of diamonds, literally flinging jewel encrusted cash wherever he can. He can also make use of golden brass knuckles.


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Parappa heroic cmykParappa Rappa

Parappa Rappa Believes!

SSB ParappaR-blue

PaRappa Rappa is a paper-thin rapping dog and the main protagonist of the PaRappa Rappa franchise. His adventures usually lead to difficult situations, but he just uses his catchphrase, "I Gotta Believe!!" to solve the problem. PaRappa's line of attacks mainly consist of karate moves he learned from Chop Chop Master Onion, skateboarding, and music. He has the shortest range of all the characters, so players must be near enemies to guarantee hits. Despite that, Parappa is a well-balanced character and has some especially-damaging moves.



SSB Pokémon SeriesR-blue

Missingno. is a dual-type Bird/Normal glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue, and a dual-type Normal/randomly named glitch type (which often has '9' in it) glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow. It is arguably the best known glitch Pokémon, closely followed by 'M (00) and it is the easiest glitch Pokémon to find in the localizations. It has five distinct forms, but the most frequent forms (that being the Red/Blue and Yellow normal forms) share 36 index numbers each. It can shift into various forms such as a fossil and a ghost. It can delete items and send out glitchy Pokemon.

Freddy fazbear orochiFreddy Fazbear



Freddy Fazbear is a robot with the soul of a dead kid and people sexualize and humanize what is meant to be a character that embodies horror. But hey, we're not here to complain right? After all, you can only release four games in a year, Scott! Should I bother with attacks? I've never even played the games. I don't even really know the lore. And yet I got two requests for this robotic bear.

Forbrush ManForbush Man



Forbush Man, is a fictional character published by Marvel Comics. Originally the mascot of Marvel Comics' Not Brand Echh, he is the alter-ego of Irving Forbush, a fictional employee of Marvel Comics. He doesn't really have any attacks but if you hit him too hard, his pan falls off and everyone begins hallucinating hard-core and everybody gets damaged until someone manages to knock his pan back onto his head.


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Fig 20 slippySlippy Toad


SSB Star Fox Series

Requires use of the Slippy Toad Amiibo!
Slippy Toad is yet another Fox clone, just with shittier timing and shittier execution. It's best not to play as him, because he sucks.

QR Characters

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These stages can only be unlocked by scanning a QR Code.

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Ghost gardevoir pokeball by jonathanjo-d69w7glGardevoir SSB Pokémon SeriesThe stage takes place on a rotating ball with a Gardevoir standing in the background. Aside from the strange gravity, there are no gimmicks in this stage.


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PsychoWhatshisFacePsycho Koopaling SSB Mario SeriesPsycho Koopaling is a talking balloon that was randomly accepted as a Koopaling. One punch pops it. Sometimes rarely Psycho will be filled with explosive gas and blast the one that pops it right off the stage!
Virtual-Boy-SetVirtual Boy Nintendo64SymbolThe Virtual Boy is one of Nintendo's greatest failures next to Bill Trinen. It shoots out black and red rays that distorts characters and causes them to take damage.


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Shaquille-ONeal-CAVS-psd31437Shaquille O' Neal Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, nicknamed Shaq, is an American retired professional basketball player who is currently an analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. Standing 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m) tall and weighing 325 pounds (147 kg), he was one of the heaviest players ever to play in the NBA. O'Neal played for six teams throughout his 19-year NBA career.
JohnBrayJohn Bray John Bray aka The Luigi Fan aka Lucas Harder is everyone's favorite Youtuber! You should totally buy his $33 dollar shirt.


  • One of the rules for making this game is that it has to add in all suggestions in the comments. This goes for characters or stages or items or anything. The only suggestions that can't be added are characters that do not exist or would break a rule.
    • Additionally, if people add onto a request, all of those elements must be at play unless they contradict, in which Exotoro can choose which elements of that request he wants to add.
    • If something is unspecified, it could be anything.
  • All of the QR codes work.
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