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Developer(s) Existence Software
Genre(s) Umbrella, fighting
First Game Ruptured Sect

Omega Fracture is a series of umbrella fighting video games. The series takes place within a bubble universe created by memory, and focuses primarily on a number of different characters fighting over the Eventide Amulet, which is said to grant those who wield it incredible powers.

The series contains both party-based fighting games ala Super Smash Bros., as well as traditional 1-on-1 fighting games such as those in the Tekken or Street Fighter franchises; with all three franchises acting as heavy influences upon the Omega Fracture series.

The Omega Fracture series is the final series to be included in the Bola Parasola, following the Rose Warriors series and the ⌭Saga. While the series can be enjoyed separately from the other Bola Parasola entries, the backstory of its universe is the most connected to other series. The Omega Fracture bubble universe - Ω1 - was created after the defeat of Ultimis Richtofen in the ⌭Saga, and, while most characters exist only within Ω1, there are other characters who have travelled into the bubble universe from outside it. The series is said to have roots in the idea that a 'traditional' unbrella game is of the fighter genre, which Bola Parasola creator Jake stated would be a nice fit within the universe.




Some games in the Omega Fracture series are 2.5D party-based fighting games that utilizes several gameplay aspects that would enable them to be considered "clones" of Nintendo's popular mascot fighting game series Super Smash Bros.. Instead of the health bar system that most fighting games utilize, these titles instead features a damage system. This damage system increases the amount of knockback characters take from attacks, as knocking opponents out-of-bounds is how to properly defeat them. Unlike most traditional fighting games, these titles allow up to 4 players to fight at once; though up to 8 players may also participate simultaneously in some modes.

Certain options may be enabled or disabled in the options menu, allowing players to choose how points are earned. Players can set it so that there is a time limit for matches, with the player with the best ratio of KO's to being KO'd being the winner. Other modes allow players to set a limited number of lives for fighters (from 1 to 99), with players being eliminated once all over their lives have been lost. Players may also set it so that each character has a health counter instead of damage counter; with the health counter decreasing as they take damage and players being eliminated once their's reaches zero. Players can also set whether or not battles are team-based or free-for-all, with up to seven colour-based teams being available.

Damage is increased by way of attacking them, with each character having four special moves, a set of standard and smash attacks, a set of separate aerial attacks, and an Omega Finale; which can be used once the player has earned enough Null Fragments, dropped by opponents once damaged. Fighters can also utilize a number of different items in battle, which can be used to decrease the amount of damage they have taken, give them certain temporary buffs, or act as additional weapons that they can use to dish out damage. One item - the Null Cognizant - allows fighters to summon a random assist character, each with their own effects and abilities.


Other games in the Omega Fracture series are based upon traditional 1-on-1 fighting games: two characters - who are placed facing each other on opposite ends of a flat stage - must fight each other using a variety of different combinations of button presses and directional inputs. Much like other "traditional" fighting games, these games utilize HP bars; the player whose HP bars deplete first, lose.

Unlike most other fighting games, the Omega Fracture utilizes a chemistry-based gameplay style. While still 1-on-1 at all times, both players must choose two characters, whom they can switch between mid-battle. Both of these characters have their own movesets and HP bars, and both must be depleted in order for them to be defeated. Each character has another with whom they will share good chemistry, and when paired together will replace certain combo attacks with more powerful Team Assists, which feature both fighters teaming up for a single, more devastating attack; though these often take time to charge up and as such are harder to effectively pull off. Should one of the characters have been defeated, then they can not use chemistry combo attacks.

By dealing out damage, players collect Null Fragments, which allow them to perform their Omega Finale- a unique, and fairly powerful, attack that deals a large amount of damage. If the two characters on a team have good chemistry, they will perform a special Omega Finale attack, provided both still have HP remaining.

Playable Characters

Character Series Ruptured Sect
Accelerator Raildex Check small
All Might My Hero Academia Check small
Amingo Marvel vs. Capcom Check small
Axel Kingdom Hearts Check small
Blue Bowser Super Mario Check small
Bowser Jr. Super Mario Check small
Braixen Pokémon Check small
Bubsy Bubsy Check small
Cammy White Street Fighter Check small
Caroline Persona Check small
Corvo Attano Dishonored Check small
Cree Lincoln Codename: Kids Next Door Check small
Croagunk Pokémon Check small
Crowley Eusford Seraph of the End Check small
Daisy Super Mario Check small
Dark Pit Kid Icarus Check small
Darkrai Pokémon Check small
Elma Xenoblade Chronicles Check small
Emily Kaldwin Dishonored Check small
Empoleon Pokémon Check small
Enju Aihara Black Bullet Check small
Facilier The Princess and the Frog Check small
Faith Connors Mirror's Edge Check small
Farfetch'd Pokémon Check small
Father Codename: Kids Next Door Check small
Foot Soldier Plants vs. Zombies Check small
Fox Persona Check small
Golden Darkness To Love-Ru Check small
Homura Akemi Puella Magi Madoka Magica Check small
Izuku Midoriya My Hero Academia Check small
Joker Persona Check small
Justine Persona Check small
Juzo Sakakura Danganronpa Check small
Kagetane Hiruko Black Bullet Check small
Kamui Woods My Hero Academia Check small
Kanade Tachibana Angel Beats! Check small
Kazuo Tengan Danganronpa Check small
Kengo Miyazawa Little Busters! Check small
Kermit the Frog The Muppets Check small
King K Super Mario Check small
Kirino Kousaka OreImo Check small
Kisara Tendo Black Bullet Check small
Kohta Hirano Highschool of the Dead Check small
Korosensei Assassination Classroom Check small
Kronk The Emperor's New Groove Check small
Kuma Tekken Check small
Kunoichi Samurai Warriors Check small
Kurisu Makise Steins;Gate Check small
Kuroko Shirai Raildex Check small
Kurumi Ebisuzawa School-Live! Check small
Kuzco The Emperor's New Groove Check small
Kyosuke Munakata Danganronpa Check small
Link The Legend of Zelda Check small
Linus van Pelt Peanuts Check small
Mai Kawasumi Kanon Check small
Malfatto Assassin's Creed Check small
Masato Inohara Little Busters! Check small
Masaya Watanabe Root Letter Check small
Mea Kurosaki To Love-Ru Check small
Mei Hatsume My Hero Academia Check small
Mikaela Hiyakuya Seraph of the End Check small
Mikoto Misaka Raildex Check small
Mina Ashido My Hero Academia Check small
Morgana Persona Check small
Nana Astar Deviluke To Love-Ru Check small
Nio Hashiri Riddle Story of Devil Check small
Nobunaga Oda Samurai Warriors Check small
Numbuh 1 Codename: Kids Next Door Check small
Numbuh 3 Codename: Kids Next Door Check small
Panther Persona Check small
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Check small
Pirabbid Plant Mario + Rabbids Check small
Pit Kid Icarus Check small
Plum Super Mario Check small
Queen Persona Check small
Rentaro Satomi Black Bullet Check small
Revali The Legend of Zelda Check small
Rico Jr. Dokapon Check small
Rin Natsume Little Busters! Check small
Root Bear A&W Check small
Ryu Street Fighter Check small
Saya Tokido Little Busters! Check small
Shiina Angel Beats! Check small
Shinoa Hīragi Seraph of the End Check small
Shinya Banba Riddle Story of Devil Check small
Shouto Todoroki My Hero Academia Check small
Skull Persona Check small
Spider-Man Spider-Man Check small
Sumireko Hanabusa Riddle Story of Devil Check small
Super Sayin Mario Super Sayin Mario!!! Check small
Tethu Ever Oasis Check small
Tohru Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Check small
Tokaku Azuma Riddle Story of Devil Check small
Toko Fukawa Danganronpa Check small
Urbosa The Legend of Zelda Check small
Yūichirō Hyakuya Seraph of the End Check small
Yuri Lowell Tales of Check small
Yuri Nakamura Angel Beats! Check small
Yzma The Emperor's New Groove Check small
Zelda The Legend of Zelda Check small


  • As with all other Bola Parasola series, Omega Fracture went through a number of different names before the final one was chosen. Among those unused are AT Jeneriq, Opensource, and Eventide Access.
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