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Olarx X

Olarx XShattered

Olarx X

Olarx X as he appears in the games
SPECIES Demonic Android
Kami and Shiro (They are his enemies)
CLASS Evil, Mastermind, Hack
WEAPONS 1). Bare hands

2). The Deity Sword

You know NOTHING about me. But Suddenly, I know things about you...
Olarx, Kami & Shiro

This is the andriodic verison of Olarx. For the original Olarx: Olarx.

Olarx X is the "Supposely" Android Incarnation of the Original Olarx, and the main antagonist of Kami & Shiro. He use his actual form which ressemble of "Majora's Mask"'s Skull Kid at all parts(Including Majora's Mask) but color. His goal in "Kami & Shiro" is to conquer X-Island then Earth. The Major reason why he will conquer the X-Island first is to get rid of Kami and Shiro and their friends, use to use King Chaile's energy and dead body to expend his hax army. However, He is prevented by Kami and Shiro. He appears in multiple games ever since.

Game Appearance

Kami & Shiro

It is the first time we see him. He is the final boss of the game. In order to conquer the X-Island, He had to uses King Chaile's energy while he's dead, and sent bosses after Kami and Shiro.


Olarx X, under the name of Olarxx appears as a Psyche in the game Fractal. He is the Unlocked (default) Psyche held by Ella Metals within the game.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies

After Olarx was wiped from time by White Goddess, he was converted rather easily into her army of slaves. After his memories return, he joins with the group on the condition he kills White Goddess and revives his original so that he can take his place.


You're NOTHING compared to me,boy!
Olarx X

That's MORE than you THINK!
Are you sure?
I see.
Olarx X and Vaati, Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show

Blood...The Blood of Wrath...
Olarx X

I want to see how well you become, Fool!
Olarx X


  • He looks etremely like the Skull Kid from Zelda: Majora Mask but his color is darker and he's taller than him. He wears a mask that look like the Majora Mask but It's darker.
  • He's the one of the main villain in several games made by Iceboys12co.
  • Oddly, He got powers and abilities from Several villains (such as DIO from "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", Ganondorf from "Legend of Zelda", Missingno., Mewtwo and Darkrai from "Pokemon")
  • Since he's the demonic android, there's really no backstory of him.
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