An Octostriker
Species Origin Octobomber
Weapon(s) Ink
Vulnerable To Ink
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Octostrikers are large Octobombers with special helmets that shoot Inkstrikes to unfortunate Inklings they see. Agent 3 only encounters these Octarians in special invasion missions, in which an Octostriker appears with an UFO, so they can see their targets from anywhere unless they hide in the ink. This makes an Octostriker a formidable foe.

Octostrikers generally act as a mini-boss. Their invasion levels are typically the last level before an Octoweapon battle, battling them appears to be at the final checkpoint, take a while to defeat, and their defeat animation is similar to that of an Octoweapon.


Octostrikers have a similar appearance to Octobombers: having a plump body and five tentacles. Unlike Octobombers, however, Octostrikers are colored maroon instead of orange and their lips are significantly darker. They wear a visor and their helmet is somewhat different as well: rather than at the top, the propeller blades are located at the bottom of the helmet, and by extension, the propeller itself is more ring-like, and has six blades rather than two.

The reason why the propeller is relocated is to make room for the shaft on top of the helmet, which is the very object that launches Inkstrikes.


When there's no Inkling in sight, Octostrikers usually sleep in a pool of Octarian ink, located atop the UFO they reside. When an Inkling reaches its overtaken territory, however, they wake up and shoot an Inkstrike every few seconds to any Inkling they see. Like all Octarians, however, they cannot detect Inklings hiding in ink.

When an Inkling reaches its UFO base, Octostrikers tend to sluggishly move away from their ink pool and avoid getting close to the invader, while still shooting Inkstrikes, as well as relying on other Octarians to get the Inkling for him. The Octarians seem to differ per invasion, but is so far seen with Octocopters, Octotroopers and Octobombers. When the Inkling hides in ink, they go undetected again and the Octostriker calmly flies about until the Inkling emerges from the ink.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Tornado Takopter
Tornado is the Japanese name for Inkstrike, Takopter is a portmanteau on たこ tako and Helicopter
ItalianPolpottero TornadoPolpo (octopus) and Elicottero (Helicopter) plus Tornado
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