An Octostamp
Species Origin Octarian
Weapon(s) Themselves
Vulnerable To Ink
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Octostamps are not very common enemy Octarians that only show up after the first Octoweapon has been defeated by Agent 3. They attack Inklings by charging towards them and flattening them with their ink-covered faces.

Octostamps cannot be attacked head on. Their only weak spot is a single suction cup, visible on its back. Inklings can only attack its back when the Octostamp already attacked and need to recover.


Octostamps are square-shaped Octarians that wear a steel armor. Said armor has a face covered in Octarian ink, with three holes, two of them showing white pinpoint lights as pupils. The face itself is somewhat reminiscent of a stamp.

Octostamps aren't fully armored, however. Octostamps are shown to have a completely bare back, which is shown red with a giant white suction cup.

Octostamps are larger than they look, as they easily tower over an Inkling. Octostamps also have legs with boots, like most Octarians, but the legs of an Octostamp are shown to be much thicker.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タコスタンプ
Octopus stamp


  • The way Octostamps look like, attack, as well as their weak spot being their back can be comparable to the Whomps of the Super Mario series.
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