An Octosniper
Species Origin Octarian
Weapon(s) Ink
Vulnerable To Ink
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Octosnipers are Octarians that Agent 3 has to deal with after Cap'n Cuttlefish gets abducted. They remain stationary on a turret-like device and shoot blasts of ink that can splat any opponent in an instant, akin a Charger weapon.

What makes these Octarians so dangerous is their precise aiming, so any Inkling that has to deal with them has to remain hidden from their sight, and surprise attack them.


Octosnipers appear to be different from most other Octarians: while they are a tentacle like Octotroopers, they are colored magenta pink rather than the usual red, and they also appear to be much longer than any Octarian ever seen. They also wear goggles, with the right goggle showing the usual green eye and the left one being covered with a special laser pointer.

Octosnipers shoot their ink by blowing on the mouthpiece attached to their metallic turret. The turret consists of a long nozzle and a seat.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Octopus Sniper
Spanish (NOA)OctosniperSame as English name.
Spanish (NOE)OctotiradorFrom Octariano (Octarian) and francotirador (sniper).
ItalianPolpotiratoreFrom Polpo (octopus) and tiratore (sniper).

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