A sole Inkling in the Hero Suit, facing against an army of Octarians
Species Origin Octopus
Weapon(s) Ink
Vulnerable To Ink
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)
Twintacle Octotrooper
DJ Octavio
Octo Samurai

The Octarians are octopus-like creatures that reside in Octo Valley, and serve as the antagonists in the Hero Mode of Splatoon. In this story mode, the Octarians are responsible for abducting various Zapfish, including the Great Zapfish that generates power for Inkopolis.

The leader of the Octarians is named DJ Octavio.

Appearance and Abilities

Most of the Octarians resemble tentacles of an octopus, or at least have tentacle-like traits. These tentacles, whether whole body or body part, are colored dark red and white, with white suction cups covering the dark red side of the Octarians. Despite their distinctive color, the ink they spray around are more of a violet red color.

With the exception of the Octolings and the boss characters, most Octarians have a distinctive face: bulging, lime green eyeballs, and thick, purple lips. Their eyes are rimmed with purple as well.

Octarians seem to have a knack for machinery as well. The most common soldiers in the Octarian army, Octotroopers, appear to man ink-shooting sentries commonly, and the Octarians seem to rely on robotic soldiers often.

Known Octarian Forces

Octarian Bosses

  • DJ Octavio - Leader of the Octarians. DJ Octavio vows to take over the Inkling land, and can shuffle wasabi to create spicy beats that apparently keeps the Octarians under his control.
  • Octo Samurai - An obese Octarian that uses a giant motorized Roller in combination with a unicycle as a chopper. He appears to be worshipped among other Octarian troops.

Great Octoweapons

  • Octostomp - An Octostamp-like Octoweapon that flattens its targets.
  • Octonozzle - A faucet-like Octoweapon that shoots balls of harmful ink.
  • Octowhirl - An urchin-like Octoweapon that rolls around like an Octoball, steamrolling its targets in the process.
  • Octomaw - A fish-like Octoweapon that straight-out eats its targets whole.
  • Octobot King - A mech that DJ Octavio uses. This Octoweapon shoots Octorpedoes and Octomissiles, dispenses eggs that hatch out more Octarians, and punches with extendable fists.


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