Jack O'Lantern
O'Lantern's appearance from McBoo's Mansion Wii.
CLASS Neutral
We're getting a promotion?! Hey, King Boo, I've been working on my scariness! See!...BOO!!!
McBoo's Mansion

Jack O'Lantern (almost always called O'Lantern) is a Jack-O-Lantern Boo that is the best friend of McBoo. He looks just like a pumpkin, except he has large claws on his Boo-like arms and his mouth is carved like a Boo.


O'Lantern appears as McBoo's friend that tries to be scary but fails a lot of the time. O'Lantern is actually part of the species called the Jack-O-Boos, a cross between Splunkins and Boos that appear in McBoo's Mansion 2.


McBoo's Mansion

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
O Lantern O'Lantern He is McBoo's best friend and will stop at nothing to please or defend him. O'Lantern may fool a few Trick-Or-Treaters, looking like a Jack-O-Lantern, but he also has long dangerous claws that he only uses in battle. He also tries to impress King Boo by telling bad jokes.
  • Roll
  • Claw
  • Fire Claw
  • Fire Shield
  • Fire Trap

O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?

O'Lantern appears as a playable character in O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?. McBoo and O'Lantern come back from Trick or Treating to find a bunch of Hungry Boos in need of candy. The two friends must then share all their candy with the Boos.

McBoo's Mansion 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
O Lantern O'Lantern He is McBoo's best friend of teller of really bad jokes. O'Lantern takes of the Four Amighosts when McBoo is busy or kidnapped and won't stop until his friends are safe. O'Lantern is finally starting to put his claws to good use in battle but has become more clumsy than ever.
  • Roll
  • Claw
  • Fire Claw
  • Fire Shield
  • Fire Trap
  • Fire Lighter
  • Fire Launcher

McBoo's Mansion Wii

O'Lantern will make an appearance in McBoo's Mansion Wii.

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description Moveset Moon Attack
OLantern MM3 O'Lantern McBoo's accidentally hilarious best friend that tends to tick off King Boo. This is a consequence of trying extremely hard to be scary. O'Lantern is always to McBoo's side, even in the hardest of hard times. Roll*
Fire Shield
Fire Launcher
Fire Trap - O'Lantern creates a trap so that if an enemies tries to attack him, it will take off the amount of damage on that enemies that it would have on O'Lantern for two turns.

* - This means this attack can be used outside of battle (as well as in) to help McBoo solve certain things.


O'Lantern is a major character in the McToons. Although it is a bit confusing, in the first episode, O'Lantern calls McBoo, saying that he has something to tell him but mysteriously hangs up. Later, McBoo and Booberry meet what seems to be O'Lantern when following Flame. He leads them into a trap, revealing that he is not the real O'Lantern. The future version of O'Lantern warns McBoo about the trap but McBoo falls in anyway.


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