Nugg 3: A Rival In The Form Of A Ninja is a game for the DS,and the third in the Nugg series.


The Mysterious Apprentice is walking through the corridors of The Tower of Wizzy, carrying a spell book (Note It says: 100 Ways to Curse a Yoshi) When he somehow sets on fire, he is extremely scared by this and runs to Wizzy's Room, the whole building starts to collapse in flames and burnt stone as an evil laugh echoes throughout the room. Wizzy and the Apprentice escape just as the building crashes to the ground. Wizzy immeadatly flees on his broom as a sentence echoes. "My name is Molger..."

Meanwhile, Nugg and the gang are at the Yoshtown Ferry, saying good-bye to Fisherman Pianta who is visiting his friend Fisherwoman Noki in Birdopolis who is extremely ill. Wizzy is seen crashing into the ferry and faling onto the boat, but he runs away, and says everything that happened to Nugg, at first Chump thinks it is a trap. But Wizzy shows them the remains of the tower, but a flame emerges (The Molger Guy) and starts firing up a blast, but A shruiken hits him inthe head, a female ninji arrives and adresses herself as "Ninjette". Nugg gets a conflict with Ninjette and Chump falls in love with her. Mlger wakes up and teleports away. So Nugg, Billy, Chmp, Nuggette, Wizzy, and Ninjette have to stop him!