Nugg 2: Mining for Victory is yet another game for the wii and the sequel to Nugg and the Seven Sapphire Stars, it also features the debut of Nuggette


Wizzy and the Mysterious Apprentice are still greiving over their loss, then The Mysterious Apprentice remembers about the seven golden shards in the Yoshtown Mines, that will grant any wish if all seven are brought together. So Wizzy and the Mysterious Apprentice enter the mines to look.

Nugg, Billy, Chump and Fisherman Pianta are playing cards when a light bue birdo with a blue bow walks up and says that she thinks she saw Wizzy enter the mines, and she introduces herself as Nuggette, Nugg Immeadeatly falls in love with her, so the five go to stop Wizzy. Keeshy the Mouse begins to come in, but Wizzy comes by and zaps the mouse, turning him into stone, along with Sr. Toad. So Nugg and the gang chase Wizzy into the mines.



Nugg's, Billy's and Chump's moves are the same from the previous game.

Fisherman Pianta

  • Rod - No SP, Starter Move.
  • Whopper - 2 SP, Starter Move.
  • Tarzan - 4 SP, Available after getting to Melon Rank
  • Crush - 6 SP, Available after getting to Mask Rank.


  • Smack - No SP, Starter Move.
  • Wink - 2 SP, Starter Move.
  • Ballet Jump - 4 SP, Available after getting to Melon Rank.
  • You didn't - 6 SP, Available after getting to Mask Rank.



  • Main Hub - Yoshtown Gold Mines - Boss: None
  • Chapter 1 - Bronze Chamber - Boss: The Mysterious Aprentice
  • Chapter 2 - Silver Street - Boss: Super Gnawty
  • Chapter 3 - Gold Gulch - Boss: Old King Coal II
  • Chapter 4 - Platinum Pandimoneum - Boss: Shadow Nugg
  • Chapter 5 - Crystal Caves - Boss: Army Dillo
  • Chapter 6 - Sapphire Factory - Boss: Wizz-Mobile
  • Chapter 7 - Ruby Cavern - Boss: The Knight
  • Chapter 8 - Wizzy's Corner - Boss: Wizzy.
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