Notiggy is a (totally original) Koopaling.


Notiggy has glasses, a hairstyle that looks like a weed, and a shell. Many say that he looks like the (inferior) Koopaling Iggy Koopa, though obviously he looks nothing like Iggy.


Many say that Notiggy has the exact same personality, but Nintendo say otherwise. "Trust me, he's totally original."



For no apparent reason, everyone keeps saying he's a "Rip-off" of Iggy. Well, he's not, so suck it.

Appearances in media

Koopalings: Overthrown!

Notiggy appears in Koopalings: Overthrown!, where his Special Move is Robot Bowser Invention. This move is distinct from Iggy Koopa's Mecha-Bowser Invention move, because Notiggy's invention is colored bright yellow.

Koopalings: Brawl for the throne

Notiggy apperes in Koopalings: Brawl for the throne as a playable character. While many say he's a clone of Iggy, he's clearly not. This is because of his attacks being bright yellow.



  • Notiggy likes Pizza.
  • He's a Rip-off of Iggy Koopa  SIKE HE'S TOTALLY NOT
  • Nintendo has said there's also a Notwendy, Notludwig, Notlemmy, Notroy, Notmorton, and Notlarry, along with Notbowser and Kindawaluigi.
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