Norfleet, the Sage of Destruction Female
201 lbs
2000 years old Jajin
FULL NAME Norfleet, the Sage of Destruction
POWERS Vaccum Pulses
Standing Ripple Logic
BIRTHDAY April 20th
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
OCCUPATION(S) Sage of Destruction

Member of The Alternation


Raz Aljin (Fellow Sage)
Reybarb (Fellow Alternitian)
Reun (Fellow Alternitian)
Exterminaus (Fellow Alternitian)


Worthy opponents


Cocky people


Norfleet is a cybernetic Jajin and a member of The Alternation, a group of extradimensional warriors of great power who guard the Ultima Memory Gears. Logic is her Standing Ripple.


Norfleet is extravagant, loud and proud, wanting nothing more than a good fight against an honest opponent. When she's not fighting or preparing for battle she's rather lazy, not having motivation for much else besides combat.


Vacuum Pulse - Norfleet's primary ability, she is capable of creating tiny black holes that quickly collapse into minor supernovas. These vacuum pulses pull in enemies before blasting them away. She can create these in high quantity and very quickly but individually they aren't that strong.

Superior Physical Strength - Through a mix of her Sage powers, natural affinity and cybernetic enhancement Norfleet is one of the physically strongest beings in the New Fantendoverse when fighting at full strength. She is capable of slicing through solid concrete with her bare hands even at her weakest.

Webbing - Jajins produce a black and thick sticky webbing that binds around opponent and hardens quickly, only possible to break through power tools like a jack hammer. They can also set up webs that capture projectiles that they can use to eat energy off, restoring their own energy.

Demon Pass - Jajins can enter into Hell and by extension, the Spirit Universe practically any time they want, phasing quickly between the mortal plane and the hellish afterlife. They can also bring anyone into hell if they desire, although they have to be holding hands. This can be used to form a hell daisy chain.

Lava Breathe - Jajins can breathe in lava much like a fish can underwater. Their skin is completely uneffected by the heat of lava, although they must be careful not to get trapped inside the lava if it hardens; many Jajins are trapped within rock because of this. However, they can live surprisingly long even stuck inside rock.

Logic has the unique ability of Coveres, alternate forms he can take to give himself new abilities.

Logic Covere

AfricAryaN - fires a beam of white light that upon hitting a target will simulate a "Death vision", in which they believe they are dying and talking to the deity of their choice.

Bohemian Trapsody - Bohemian Trapsody is a hardlight satellite that overs above him and his user while he is in his Logic cover, Bohemian Trapsody can create pillars of "Data fire" that allow it to siphon the personal information and ability data of anyone who is hit by it, feeding that info into Norfleet.

Keanu Reeves - Logic disappears and Norfleet's accuracy is heightened for about a minute, allowing her to use Vaccuum Pulse, her Jajin webbing and her Lava breath with much more precision.

Bobby Tarantino Covere

Flexicution - Bobby slashes with his katana, sending waves of razor sharp gold and diamond shrapnel forward.

Grandpa's Space Ship - Bohemian Trapsody shifts into a hardlight duplicate of Slaughterbus with FLEX on the side. Enemies will be vaccumed into the bus harmlessly and driven away from the fight before it teleports back to the area, leaving its passengers quite a bit away from the action.

Wizard of Oz - Bobby grows to a tremendous size and wraps himself in Power Chaotic, unleashing a barrage of sword slashes before dissipating. He will need to charge for a bit after unleashing this attack.

Young Sinatra Covere

Young Sinatra I: Just Another Day (In My Mind) - Sinatra sends out a psychic wave that causes everybody neary to believe the day/night cycle is flipped, meaning in their mind night is day and day is night. This negatively affects any time-sensitive abilities such as werewolves/vampires or anything else that requires the sun or the moon.

Young Sinatra II: All Sinatra Everything - Sinatra sends out a psychic wave that causes everybody nearby to see everybody else as Young Sinatra, causing confusion among enemies and allies alike. Only Norfleet is immune.

Young Sinatra III: Break It Down - Sinatra sends out a psychic wave that creates an illusion of every opponent's weapons shattering in their hands.

Young Sinatra IV: Everybody Dies - Sinatra sends out a psychic wave that causes everybody to believe their allies have been killed.



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