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A Nipper Plant is an infant Piranha Plant. They are rather small and are usually white. They look very similar to Munchers. Nipper Plants can sometimes shoot fireballs in some games, but their most notable ability is their biting attack.

Despite being referred to as "baby Piranha Plants," Nipper Plants have a very different appearance to regular Piranha Plants. They have no lips, no spots, no teeth, and the most notable difference is their eyes. This is unusual, because it seems as if Nipper Plants lose these features as they grow up. Even more unusual is the fact that in some games, baby Piranha Plants have appeared with lips, teeth, no eyes, and were not Nipper Plants at all, such as the Peewee Piranha from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Piranha Buds from the Yoshi's Island series.


Super Mario Bros. Ultra

In Super Mario Bros. Ultra, Nipper Plants appear with the head of a? Piranha Plant, to make it more clear that it is a baby one, but they do have soft leaves. They can be carried and eat 10 enemies before turning into a fullgrown Piranha Plant. When fullgrown, it'll drop to the ground and be like a normal one. Nipper Plants can be found in this game around the levels.


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