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Nintendo vs. Fantendo is a 2D crossover fighting game featuring Nintendo and Fantendo characters, originally being developed by GemGames Co. before Steli Entertainment took over only to be given to Walange Corporation. It is for the Nintendo IC and is to be released in early 2013.


The gameplay is borrowed from Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. A 2D fighting beat em' up damage gauge builds up and you have to punch your player off the screen with a powerful smash attack, you fly more with a higher damage gauge. The player also has items to help or hinder the player and a deadly Final Smash to round of their strong arsenal off a moveset from the SSB series.


In total, there are 50 playable characters in the game, 25 for each side.


Artwork Name Series Description
MarioNvF2D.png Mario Super Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and everyones favourite Italian-American plumber, Mario is here with high jumping abilities and fireballs.
Luigi Super Mario Mario's cowardly brother has always been in the shadows... will this be his time to shine?
SamusNvF2D.png Samus Aran Metroid Samus Aran the intergalactic bounty hunter, from the planet K-2L, and raised by the Chozo race, has joined to face her fate against friends and foes.
KirbyNvF2D.png Kirby Kirby Pop Star's very own star Kirby joins to fight! With more foes to inhale and copy their abilities!
King Dedede Kirby Is he a villain, is he just mischievous? Is King Dedede a good fighter?
NessNvF2D.png Ness EarthBound The PSI powered, baseball loving kid from Onett has a score to settle!
YoshiNvF2D.png Yoshi Yoshi's Island Yoshi, Mario's loyal companion and friend since birth, Yoshi has joined to fight.
MrGame&WatchNvF2D.png Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch
Link The Legend of Zelda Link, the young Hylian heroic knight joins to brawl, with an arsenal of weapons and agile moves.
Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda The princess of Hyrule can use magic and transformations to name a few of her mystical powers.
Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda
Pikachu Pokémon The cute little electric mouse Pikachu is keep on electrifying versus new wild battles!
Mewtwo Pokémon
Red Pokémon Red the noble trainer is a great learner and will be sure to dig into his opponents with his 3 trustworth Pokémon.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong The loveable red tied ape joins to fight, will he make some new animal buddies?
Fox Star Fox The leader of Team StarFox, Fox McCloud is here!
Krystal Star Fox Fox's love has a staff and a unique moveset to bolster perfectly coupled with quick and agile attacks.
Marth Fire Emblem The first Lord of the Fire Emblem series, Marth is here with his trusty Falchion.
Pit Kid Icarus The angel warrior Pit is here to use his bow and shield in a unique way to surely pack a punch.
Peach Super Mario We're in presence of royalty here, and Peach has weapons and fury to whack em' down.
Bowser Super Mario Mario's arch nemesis Bowser has fiery, harsh attacks to stop any new threats, but will he succeed?
Wario Wario Wario, Mario's rival and owner of WarioWare Inc. Will shoulderbarge his way to victory with his interesting moveset... let's say, Things are going to get smelly.
Captain Falcon F-Zero

The futuristic racing bounty hunter, Captain Douglas Jay Falcon is ready to rumble!


Artwork Name Series Description
UntenNvF2D.png Unten TOsWTLAUNTIDNWTR The last remaining Beorn, Unten, joins to fight! He may of had a troubled past, but will you be the one troubled when fighting him?
Zerita TOSWTLAUNTIDNWTR Zerita the Catonea and Unten's sidekick is here to claw her way to victory!
PeshNvF2D.png Pesh Pusher's Pile Pesh the Pouchet knight will use his weaponry to his advantage and win the battle!
Henry the Moose Henry the Moose Henry the Moose has his antlers and many power-ups to hinder the mind and take himself to victory.
TeardropNvF2D.png Teardrop Teardrop Teardrop Seaside comes from the far future, but he will prove that fighting hasn't detierioated.
Scyplo Robo Madness Scyplo the next-gen robot can take hits equally, but he's dealing hits to a new crowd. Will he fare well?
Ella Metals Ella Metals

The mistress of metal, the protector of VineVille, Ella Metals is here!

Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli
Recto Flat Pack Puzzler
Strafe Strafe
Demi Winged Nexus
Fruity Fruity
Aingeru BoB
YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg series