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Nintendo VR
Nintendo VR Logo.png
Nintendo VR's logo.
Developer(s) EEA Inc.
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) None
Virtual reality, Online
Backward Compatibility Wii (possibly)
Forward Compatibility Nintendo VR CD

The Nintendo VR is a virtual reality console, created by EEA Inc., meaning that no controllers or remotes are used. The console comes with a set of headphones that the player can use to cooperate with the sensor. It was first released May 20, 2010 all over the world.


The Nintendo VR's main gameplay is the virtual reality feature. It allows the players to move their body to communicate with the console's sensor while wearing the headphones. Though these new features, Wii Remotes and GameCube Controllers are still compatible with this system. The Nintendo VR's game menu is much like the Wii's, using the "Channel"-based style previously used by the Wii. However, it lacks the Wii's Virtual Console feature. Their are new downloads in the VRWare section, similar to the WiiWare, a section of shorter downloadable games. Miis could still be made and imported via the Wii Remote, but are usually replaced by Virtual Residents, a more advanced avatar than the Miis, being that the player can customize clothes, as well as features. There is also a Photo Channel, News Channel, Weather Channel, and Nintendo Channel, which are all default. To select things on the screen, the player can use his/her fingers. The VR can also play games in 3D (3D glasses included) as well as play DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, using a VR Remote (sold separately).

VR Sports Information

The logo for VR Sports

VR Sports is the first game ever made for the Nintendo VR, and is included in the package with the console itself. Like the Wii's Wii Sports, the game includes a total of nine different sports, using the virtual reality gameplay including, baseball, golf, football, soccer, tennis, table tennis, boxing, bowling, and hockey. The playable characters include the Virtual Residents (Mario, Link, and Kirby can be unlocked), and training can be played as well as the real sport. Up to four players can play, as well as an online feature, where the player can play against friends or players around the world. It was very successful throughout the world.


Note (this is simply a suggestion): Please don't create virtual reality consoles just like mine. If you want to make a game for the VR, add it here.

EEA Inc.

The creator the Nintendo VR developed these games. Note that some of these games are simply ideas, and may not be made or released on the VR.

Other Companies

These games were not made by the creator of the VR, but are still for Nintendo VR.


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