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Developer(s) Embrion
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Sandbox, Toys-to-life
Release Date(s) Summer 2020

Nintendo Unlimited, also known as Nintendo Universe in Europe and Nintendo Haven in Japan, is a multiplayer action-adventure sandbox game developed by Embrion.

Nintendo Unlimited uses amiibo to function, players can save their figure data to the amiibos and also unlock some special goodies. If the player chooses to not to buy figures separately the character can be unlocked in the Story Mode.

The game is split into two modes, the Unlimited/Sandbox mode allows the player to create their own game in an open-world area. They can mix and match pieces from several Nintendo franchises to create their own games.

The Story Mode involves traveling through many different Nintendo Worlds completing goals until they fight the World Boss. Characters are restricted by their series until you find a certain item that allows them to enter the world.

Bulbs are found in the Adventure Mode and some parts of the Unlimited mode, this is the currency used to purchase pieces for your sandbox. Some parts cannot be purchased unless you make progress in the Adventure Mode.

Story Mode: Spark of Imagination

A mysterious threat rips a hole through many Nintendo worlds, bringing his minions called "Tendarks". Travel through different dungeon-crawler stages inspired by Nintendo characters, defeat the giant boss version and unlock them.

The stages were heavily worked on by the developer and were designed to teach the player some ideas for sandboxes, most of the objects you will see will be available in the Sandbox mode but there are some parts that won't be available to be used.

Adventure Mode: The World of Nintendo

While there is a story mode, there is a bigger campaign mode through "Adventures". These can take up to 10 hours to complete. Unlike the story mode, almost all of the content in these campaigns cannot be remade in the sandbox mode.

  • Adventures: Bowser' Evil Takeover: A 2D/3D platformer that involves you stopping Bowser's plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Adventures: Hyrule Quest: A dungeon crawling and puzzle-solving adventure that puts The Legend of Zelda characters through Hyrule and several dungeons.
  • Adventures: F-Zero Grand Prix: Race through several tracks and win the Grand Prix.



Game Basics




Unlimited Mode is a new mode based off the Toy Box Mode in Disney INFINITY. Players can conjure up different video-game and media objects easily. For example, you could have a Goomba infested race track or an obstacle course with objects from many Nintendo series there to hit you. Players each start out with 1000 Bulbs and a certain amount (changing depending on the size of the object placed) of Bulbs will be deducted from the total. Once it runs out, the player must borrow from another or stop building.

When they're done, players can upload their stages/worlds through Nintendo Switch Online for people to play only, or post it online for people to see. The player can view the overworld map and select places to put landmarks. Some objects in the game must be unlocked by completing goals in the Adventure mode.

Playable Characters

All characters can double jump, they have a melee and ranged attack.

  • Mario: The famous plumber and savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario uses punches and kicks and uses Fireballs as ranged attacks.
  • Link: The Hero of Time, he uses his sword and shoots arrows.
  • Samus: The Intergalactic Bounty Hunter from the Metroid series. She uses punches and her Grappling Beam as well as her Charge Shot.

World Areas & Gameplay

Nintendo Franchises

Sandbox Pieces

Basic Pieces

Game Maker



Melee Weapons

Image Name Description
MarioBat Tennis Racket A Tennis Racket from Mario Tennis, it's supposed to be used to play tennis but it's a good melee weapon to smack opponents!

Ranged Weapons

Image Name Description
Hookshot TWW Hookshot The Hookshot from The Legend of Zelda. It can usually grab opponents or deal small damage to heavier ones, it's a grappling device that you can use to reach higher surfaces.
N-ZAP NES Zapper The light gun that was an accessory for the NES, complete with the retro sound effects.
Ultra Hand Ultra Hand The Ultra Hand, a toy manufactured by Nintendo in the late 1960s, it can be used to grab onto ledges or objects.
ZeldaBombs Bomb The Bomb from The Legend of Zelda, throw one of these to break some breakable objects or deal with hordes of enemies. Infinite use.

Vehicles & Mounts

There are many ground and flying vehicles as well as Mounts in this game, many of them shrunken down as they are bigger in their actual games.


Image Name Description
Epona Epona The recurring trusty horse of Link in The Legend of Zelda.
128Tauros Tauros The Wild Bull Pokémon, hold on to this fast bull, its brute force and knock some enemies back.
Rambi DKCR Rambi the Rhino Rambi from the Donkey Kong Country series, a powerful mount that can ram through objects and enemies.

Ground Vehicles

Image Name Description
FinalRender SpiritTrain Spirit Train A shrunken down Spirit Train from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, all board! Or... one or two aboard in this case?
Bowser Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Koopa Chase Bowser' luxury car from Super Mario 3D World, take a drive with it while listening to King Koopa's theme. Ideal for players who want to race around.
Landmaster Landmaster A small version of the Landmaster from the Star Fox series, it moves slow but fires a powerful ranged attack.
Blue Falcon Blue Falcon A smaller version of the Blue Falcon from the F-Zero series, this fast vehicle is ideal for racing but the speed comes at a cost with it being harder to control.
Black Bull Black Bull The vehicle of Black Shadow from F-Zero, it is a bit slower than the Blue Falcon but it can handle better.

Flying Vehicles

Image Name Description
ClownCarMarioRun Koopa Clown Car The Koopa Clown Car from the Super Mario series, Bob-Ombs not included.
Samus Gunship Samus' Gunship Samus' Gunship from Metroid, a fast moving vehicle equipped with lasers to terminate enemies.
Starfoxarwingpng Arwing The Arwing from the Star Fox series, one of the fastest flying vehicles in the game that requires an expert pilot to control.
Pilotwings Resort - Plane artwork Wuhu Plane A plane from Wii Sports Resort, take to the skies!
The Odyssey The Odyssey A smaller version of the Odyssey from Super Mario Odyssey, you can hear Super Mario Odyssey's main theme when piloting it.

Building Sets

Complete Set Pieces

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