The Nintendo TW (Nintendo TouchWatch) is a Nintendo game system made by Lucoshi Productions. It has one screen, which is a touch screen. It also has a kind of videocamera which detects the TouchWatch Bands, so you can use those while playing. You are able to turn the Nintendo TouchWatch in 3D. It is a controller that you can play by hand, or you can connect it to a television and play with the TouchWatch Bands. It also has internet connection.


3DS Screen

This is and extra screen that can be installed on the Nintendo TW by simply clicking it on. When this is attached, you're able to play 3DS games on the Nintendo TW. You can insert the 3DS Games in on top of the 3DS Screen, because the Nintendo TW game cards are thinner and longer than the 3DS Cards.


One Circle pad

One Control Pad

A Button

B Button

X Button

Y Button

L Button

R Button

Z Button

Home Button

Select Button

Start Button

Power Button


Of course the good old Mii’s are back. This time they are even more advanced and you can even pick your own clothes. There is a new function for the hair: Pick and Drag. You can now create your own hair styles. You can just pick one of the ends of a pluck of hair (or select multiple) and drag them in what direction you want.


Mario Kart TW (On Hold)

Mario Tennis Boss Battle (Near the release)

Mario Hover Race TW (On Hold)

Super Mario Jungle Journey (On Hold)

Super Mario Galaxy TW: Koopa Quest (On Hold)

Super Mario Invincible Games (On Hold)

Mario Party TW (Under Construction)

Games by other companies

Pokémon The Return of Team Galactic

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