The Nintendo Sysbox (pronounced SISS-BOX) is an eigth-generation console and the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. It became a massive success and became the most powerful system of it's generation when it released in 2007. In North America and Japan, it launched on October 30, 2007 while in other regions it was spread across the remainder of 2007 with the last release being Korea's March 14, 2008. It was created by Nintendo and is the alternate universe version of the Wii.

The launch price of the Nintendo Sysbox was the highest price for a Nintendo console ever, launching at $349.99 for the basic bundle and $399.99 for the Gamer's bundle that included a copy of Super Mario Gravity Quest and an additional controller. Eventually, the price was marked down over time to be $149.99 for a bundle with a game (which is the current retail price). Despite the high prices, it was regarded as the cheapest seventh generation console and sold well based on that fact.

The Sysbox became the best-selling Nintendo home console ever, surpassing the NES with about 115 million units sold (as of March 2014). It's success has been credited to it's inexpensive costs compared to competitors and a genius marketing plan which included targeting families and children as well as "hardcore" gamers seperately. It is also housed the first rated "M" Nintendo title: Realm of Terror.


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The games for the Nintendo Sysbox would vary in price depending on the budget of the game. The games were either $49.99 or $59.99 usually, with a few exceptions. Family titles like Sysbox Play were priced lower than hardcore titles such as F-Zero: Ultimate Overdrive.

Best-Selling Games

This list includes games that have sold over 7 million units since they were released in whatever year at whatever time.

Name Sales Release Year Publisher
Super Mario Gravity Quest 56.3 million 2007 Nintendo
Realm of Terror 2 47.8 million 2012 Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. Rip 47.2 million 2009 Nintendo
Mario Kart: Supersonic Circuit 45.2 million 2008 Nintendo
Sysbox Play 40.1 million 2007 Nintendo
Realm of Terror: Blood Song 36.4 million 2010 Nintendo
Animal Crossing: Town Tour 34.9 million 2011 Nintendo
Realm of Terror 30.9 million 2008 Nintendo
New Super Mario Bros. Rush 26.5 million 2013 Nintendo
The Legend of Zelda: Infinity Curse 23.1 million 2012 Nintendo
Minecraft 19.9 million 2013 Mojang
F-Zero: Maximum Overdrive 19.8 million 2007 Nintendo
Sysbox Fitness 15.7 million 2009 Nintendo
Pokèmon Fighters 13.9 million 2010 Nintendo
Kid Icarus: Revolution 11.3 million 2014 Nintendo
Mursame Castle 9.9 million 2011 Nintendo
Sysbox Play 2.0 7.2 million 2013 Nintendo

Highest-Rated Games

This list includes games that have been critically acclaimed and earned an average of or at 90.00% on

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