Nintendo Rhythm Heaven
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Music
Release Date(s) October 2013
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E for Everybody
Nintendo Rhythm Heaven (known as Nintendo Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan, Nintendo Rhythm Paradise in Europe, and Nintendo Rhythm World in Korea) is a rhythm game for the Ninentdo DS by Zodiac Productions. It mimics most of the gameplay of Rhythm Heaven, except using characters from other Nintendo franchises.

Rhythm Games

Tier 1

  • Target Practice: Play as Pit and shoot the rolling targets with perfect accuracy. (Plays like Built to Scale)
  • Synchronised Snacking: Play as Kirby and eat snacks as they fly past. (Plays like Glee Club)
  • R.O.B. Factory: Refill the R.O.B.s as they arrive at the factory. (Plays like Fillbots)
  • Toad Brigade: Play as a Toad and cheer on Toadette as he makes her stage debut. Features original song "Not Like Me" by Tsunku♂. (Plays like Fan Club)
  • Remix 1: Puts all four games together to a slowly increasing beat.

Tier 2

  • Phantom Battle: Play as Link, battling Phantom Ganon but hitting a ball of energy back and forth. (Plays like Rhythm Rally)
  • Asteroid Belt: Play as Fox McCloud, blasting your way through an asteroid belt. (Plays like Shoot-'Em-Up)
  • Remix 2: Puts all four games together in a tropical style beat.

Tier 3

  • Shell Shaker: Play as a female Koopa, trying to impress her mate. (Plays like Love Lizards)
  • Pikmin Pluck: Play as Olimar, plucking Pikmin from the ground and beating away sheergrubs. (Plays like Crop Stomp)
  • Rhythm Racers: Play as a photographer taking pictures of an Excitebike race. (Plays like Freeze Frame)
  • Remix 3: Puts all four games together in a western/Japanese style beat.

Tier 4

  • Dino Feeding: Play as Yoshi, devouring mushrooms with great speed. (Plays like Munchy Monk)
  • K.K. Rhythm: Play as an Animal Crossing player, scratching beats with K.K. Slider. (Plays like DJ School)
  • Remix 4: Puts all four games together in a romantic beat.

Tier 5

  • Magikarp Splash: Play as a Magikarp, splashing in time with the others. (Plays like Splashdown)
  • Game and Rock: Play as a Mr. Game and Watch, putting on a rocking performance for the crowd. (Plays like Big Rock Finish)
  • Pot Smasher: Play as Link, slashing open pots and anything else that flies your way. (Plays like Dog Ninja)
  • Remix 5: Puts all four games together in an performer-worthy beat.

Tier 6

  • Falcon Punch: Play as Captain Falcon and falcon punch and kick your way through everything that gets thrown at you. Features original song "All or Nothing" by Tsunku♂. (Plays like Karate Man)
  • Remix 6: Puts all four games together in a spacey beat.
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