The Nintendo Prism is an all new game console that is being developed by Nintendo. It will come out in 2020.



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Design and functions


NP has a completely new design compared to the rest of the Nintendo game consoles : it ressembles a hexagonal prism with the cartridge reader on the hexagon top. It includes 2 USB outlets, and an SD card reader which are hidden behind an opening lid (in a similar way to the Wii) along with the classic SYNC button. On one side of the prism, you will find an exclusive new option : the Synchronisation Panel, a function that is as practical (if not even better) as the system for the Nintendo Switch. All you need to do, is press the back of your controller onto the panel, wait till it scans the code, then enjoy your NP ! (If the scanner fails to operate, use the SYNC button or check the Nintendo Prism operation manuel) The rest of the plug sockets are on the opposite side. You are free to place your NP vertically or horizontally.


The NP Controller (Also called the Prismasticon) ressembles a

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