Nintendo Outlook
The Nintendo Outlook is a video game console developed by Nintendo, released on November 6, 2023. It is considered the successor to the Nintendo Switch, and functions as both a console and a handheld.


  • Joy-Con 2.0: The Joy-Con 2.0 work just like the older Joy-Con, but have improved motion control, advanced HD rumble, and analog triggers. In addition, they are slightly wider, with the all buttons slightly larger, and the SL and SR buttons are easier to press.
  • Outlook Pro Controller: Similar to the Switch Pro Controller, but with improved motion control, advanced HD rumble, and analog triggers.
  • Joy-Con Grip: Compatible with Joy-Con or Joy-Con 2.0.
  • Joy-Con: Backwards-Compatible with Nintendo Outlook.
  • Switch Pro Controller: Backwards-Compatible with Nintendo Outlook.


Nintendo Switch

All Nintendo Switch Games are backwards-compatible with Nintendo Outlook.

New for Nintendo Outlook

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