The Nintendo Orb was Nintendo's 10th Generation console, and the successor of both the Nintendo 3DS replacement and the Nintendo Switch. It's history began in 2026, when a technology company named McGee Technologies approached Nintendo and asked them to produce a gaming console they had recently finished developing. Two years later, on November 18, 2028, Nintendo released the Nintendo Orb.


The most notable feature of the Nintendo Orb is it's ability to shape-shift. It's surface is made mostly of tiny machines which can rearrange themselves based on what they need to do. When bought, it looks like a sphere, about 75 centimeters in diameter, with an attached cord. When plugged in, it changes shape, looking very similar to a Wii or Wii U. Attached to the console is what looks like a Wii U gamepad, only without buttons, except for a single power button. This controller is capable of turning into any handheld device or controller in Nintendo's video game history.

Due to the microscopic machines that operate within the console, it is able to physically alter itself through updates. This has caused problems in the past (meaning the fictional future) with people claiming their Orbs have fallen apart/stopped working, but by 2029, most of those problems were solved.


Due to the possibility of the Orb being hacked/corrupted, Nintendo and McGee Tech formed the Orb Security team, whose entire job was to insure that the Orb's OS could not be hacked or corrupted. While their were some flaws, they decreased dramatically before the year 2028 was over.


Fanon Timeline

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Based on Canon

This is for a timeline where the Orb exists, but in all other aspects, it is the same as our own. Games that exist are mostly games for whatever may exist in that time. Also, these games might not be able to co-exist. However, none exist.

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