Nintendo New Generation
Developer(s) MC Studios
Product Family MC Studios Consoles
Console Type Desk
Generation Fourth
Storage 150GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi, SpotPass
Release Date(s)
Discontinued Yes
Units sold 91200
Best selling game Unknown
Media Media Channel
Memory 1500 RAM
In-console store

Own remotes

Predecessor None
Successor NNG Portation
Nintendo New Generation is the first gaming console to be created by MC Studios and to have "Nintendo" on it's name. Despite it's name, it's only in the fourth generation.



The NNG Official Remote. They have the shape of a tablet.

  • Button ^ - Scrolls up in the screen. Moves to the front in 3D games.
  • Button v - Scrolls down in the screen. Moves to the back in 3D games.
  • Button < and Button >-  Scrolls to the sides on the screen. Moves to the sides in 3D games and 2D games.
  • Button "Space"- Works in some games, as a Jump key.
  • Button Enter
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