This page refers to a fan-made console. For Nintendo's portable/home console hybrid tentatively known as the "NX", see Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo NX
Developer(s) Nintendo
Generation 9th Generation
Storage 1233%
Online Connectivity Online Multiplayer Interactivity
Release Date(s)
Q4 2017 (North America, Japan, Europe)
Q1 2018 (New Zealand, Austalia, Brazil)
Discontinued 2020 (New Zealand)
Memory 1007
Mobile cellular device, 3-dimensional camera, dual screen, console and handheld compatibility
Backward Compatibility 3DS & Wii U
Predecessor N Paradox
Successor  ???

The Nintendo NX is Nintendo's next console release. The system utilizes pairing of both a Nintendo-developed console and a mobile phone which, during gameplay, acts as a controller. The phone is the first of its kind, with a 3-dimensional screen similar to Nintendo's handheld gaming system, the 3DS. Nintendo partnered with mobile platforming company DeNA to create the operating system for the mobile device.

The mobile device features apps for Games, Music, Video Chat (which functions similar to Wii U Chat), texting, phonecalls, and the eShop, which has been expanded to include games, music, movies & TV shows, and apps. The system comes with a headgear functioning similarly to Oculus Rift in that game experiences are surround-view.

Currently, eight games have been announced for the system.

Game Description Release
Splatoon 2 Q4 2017
Super Mario Galaxy 3 Q1 2018
Pokken Tournament Q1 2018
Legend of Zelda: Rise of Ganon Q4 2017
Luigi's Mansion HD Q4 2017
Super Smash Bros NX Q2 2018
Yo-Kai Watch Q4 2017
Duck Hunt NX Q2 2018

The Nintendo NX will release in early Q4 of 2017.

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