Nintendo Metabyte
Nintendo MetaByte
Developer(s) Nintendo


Manufacturer(s) Nintendo PTD


Console Type Home

Portable (Portable Edition) (MetaByte lite)

Generation Ninth
Storage 1 TB

2 TB(Pro)

Online Connectivity Nintendo Network
Release Date(s)
Dec 6 2020
Units sold 550 million
Best selling game Super Mario All Star DX(400 millions copies)
Media Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, CD, Digital Software
CPU Octa-core AMD "Jaguar"-based
GPU Nvidia RTX GeForece RTX 2080 Ti
System on Chip TEGRA® X1
amiibo/NFC Functionality

Blink-based Web Browser
Cloud Gaming
Online Service
Controller with Touchpad

Backward Compatibility Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3ds, Wii U
Predecessor Nintendo Switch
Nintendo MetaByte is a home console by Nintendo. It released on November 29  2019 in Japan, and on December 6 2019 in North American, and Europe.


By December of 2017, Nintendo started a project with associating with two companies

  • Microsoft: Muitimedia Compabilty & 4K video streaming
  • Nvidia: Fast Processing 60fps 


Built in Features

Eshop: The Same as Usual

Miiverse: Due to Overwhelming population of Miiverse, The Social Network was Revived as Miiverse Prime.

Nintendo Tvii: The Tvii is too Revived, with a new feature to record your show and movies via Plex

Metabyte Online


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